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A brush with the international stage

Artist Kalidas Satardekar’s works havebeen selected by Global Association  of Watercolor Artists (GAWA) and

International Watercolor Society (IWS),  India for the first Olympiart exhibition  by IWS to be held in December in

 New Delhi. NT BUZZ finds out more


Having made a name for himself at state and national level, artist Kalidas Satardekar is now all set to go global. Following his participation in the GAWA Annual International Watercolour Online Contest -2019 and another contest organised by the International Watercolor Society (IWS), one watercolour painting from each contest has been selected for the first Olympiart Exhibition (organised by IWS) to be held from December 8 to 11 at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. The exhibition is part of Olympiart 2019, an art festival.

“The painting selected by IWS was on Sindhudurg Fort, Malwan. I took a photograph of the fort and based on that I made a watercolour painting,” says Satardekar who likes doing realistic painting (live and using photographs). Incidentally, Satardekar is the only Goan to be selected from these competitions for the first time.

“I have been involved in art since my childhood days but I did not realise my potential until someone told me that I was good at it,” he admits. An alumni of Goa College of Art, Altinho, Satardekar graduated in BFA(Bachelors of Fine Arts) in Applied Arts. To gain work experience, he then moved to Mumbai to work as an illustrator and visualiser.

Though he uses other mediums like charcoal, pencil, and acrylics, he specialises in watercolours and admits that it is the toughest medium to handle. “When using watercolours, once the colour is applied onto the paper there is no retake. You cannot remove the colour once the flow is given. With other mediums you can apply other colours and make the changes,” he explains. He also shares that while making realistic paintings, one should observe the subject minutely; its colours, shape, and size.

Presently living in Margao, Satardekar who works as an art teacher says that every artist is different and hence there should not be competition among artists. He further acknowledges the support of art lovers in his success. “An artist’s image is dependent on what people say about the painting,” he says, adding that there should not be any kind of partiality in art because “art is art”. And this is what he teaches his students too.

The artist also has a keen interest in varied subjects such as calligraphy, photography, short films, painting landscapes, sculpture, logo designing, and portraits. “Earlier, calligraphy was used for creating a beautiful script but nowadays it is used as a modern art, for example: making paintings,” says Satardekar, who also used to conduct calligraphy classes.

Satardekar has also done portraits of some well known political figures such as former Chief Minister Late Manohar Parrikar, former St Andre MLA Late Vishnu Wagh, and former Goa Deputy Chief Minister and BJP’s Mapusa legislator Late Francis D’Souza. His watercolour portrait of Late Vishnu Surya Wagh won first place in the Goan Professional Artist Category in a contest organised by Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji.

He has participated in group shows at state and national level and is an eight-time recipient of the State Art Award. His other awards include the Marathi Vidnyan Parrishad (Goa Vibhag) award for photography, youth festival award for logo designing organised by Sports Authority of Goa, Government of Goa, and first place in GKB’s mascot designing contest.

The artist has also participated in a national level competition organised by Rang Sang, where one of his watercolour paintings which was done on the spot (live) opposite Kala Academy titled ‘The Goan House’ was awarded with a gold medal and another charcoal portrait of Laxman Pai was awarded the bronze medal.

He has also done short films on social causes like ‘Wear Helmet’, ‘Quit Smoking’, ‘Save The Girl Child’, etc. In fact, he got the Best Editor Award for his film ‘Quit Smoking’ at the Chota Cinema Centre at IFFI 2009.

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