Thursday , 19 September 2019
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A touch of creativity to the ordinary

21-year-old, Nilesh Mapari from Mapusa engages in various arts and crafts and will conduct a ‘Do It Yourself (DIY) Workshop’ on November 13 and November 14 at Onlet Production Goa, Sangolda, for children between 8 to 15 years. In conversation with NT KURIOCITY Nilesh speaks about his passion for crafts


As a child Nilesh Mapari was exposed to a lot of handicraft works. During his schooling days he tried to learn and experiment with new and innovative arts and crafts. Plastic, coconut shell, CD’s or bottles also found a way to be recycled in this artists’ mind and hands. “When I was a child I would attend various classes at Bal Bhavan and keenly observe what was taught there. As soon as the classes would end I would go back home and try replicating what was taught. I would also try and add my own innovation; either by adding colour or by using different materials. I would see what best suits the work and make it different,” says Nilesh.

Slowly, he started exploring the avenues of his hobby. He attended classes and took training whenever he got a chance while simultaneously working on his own. Speaking of what inspired him to work, he says: “Many a times it would happen that whenever I would sit down to try something new, I would not instantly get the ideas. I would look up on the internet to gain more knowledge of what is happening around the world, what were the new ideas that people were working with; I would try them out and this often ended in the pieces being good enough to be gifted.”

After completing his Bachelors in Hindi and Marathi from St Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Nilesh is now pursing his Masters in Hindi. He often renders his services for various events like birthdays, festivals and events; either making personalised gifts or taking orders for takeaways or the decorations of the place. Over the past two years he has been getting orders from various firms, individuals to make personalised gifts. Nilesh has won numerous competitions be it Akash Kandil, Panti Aras, Rangoli and much more. He has also judged various craft competitions and has exhibited his items at an exhibition at Goa Chitra.

At the workshop at Olnet Productions Goa to be held on November 13 and November 14 Nilesh will teach how to make handmade cards, design pots, Origami flowers and to give a creative touch to normal bottles. This workshop is meant for children and teenagers. “As it is vacation time for children, workshops like these are the best ways to keep them engaged. You not only keep your child busy but also end up helping them explore their creative minds. They will not only be taught but also made to do it practically. This is the right age when they can learn and in future this knowledge will be quite useful especially when it comes to gifting or decorating spaces,” he says.

With a keen interest in varied arts and crafts, Nilesh loves working with handmade paper boxes, cards, paper craft and painting. “I believe in learning new forms of art. Sometimes, I learn it myself by watching YouTube videos, and sometimes I take training from professionals. I believe learning enriches you and is necessary for personal growth,” he says.

When Nilesh isn’t studying or working, he does not sit idle; rather he is on a continuous search for new ideas on the internet and the social media. Speaking about the role of social media in taking his creativity to a larger audience, Nilesh who has an Instagram page ‘NM Creative Works’ says: “It is important to use social media especially when it comes to business marketing because it creates awareness. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t become your customers. There are a lot of social networking sites which help you to reach out to your audience and you don’t have to spend a lot of effort on it,” explains Nilesh.

His parents and relatives are very supportive towards his passion and often encourage him to take up orders. They also share new ideas, so that he can work differently with what he has in hand. Quoting a common phrase he says: “It is said that ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ and so is it in my case. Not just my mom but my aunts and other family members also support me. I hope I make them proud someday.”

Nilesh advises youngsters to start making their own gifts and decorative items for various occasions rather than purchasing them from the stores. He believes that this will encourage and channelise the creativity amongst youngsters.

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