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Accident paralyses traffic on NH 66

Canacona: The accident, involving a luxury sleeper coach and two trucks that was reported at Poiguinnim, on Sunday morning paralysed the traffic on the National Highway 66 for about an hour.

The bus that had come Bengaluru was proceeding to Panaji.

A source said that the luxury bus driver could have lost control over the vehicle, thereby  colliding with the oncoming truck that was proceeding towards Karwar, while the driver of a truck that was tailgating the bus who was unable to apply brakes in time, rammed into the rear of the bus, causing a blockade on the National Highway.

With large number of vehicles getting stranded on both sides of the NH66, traffic cell soon diverted the vehicles through the internal roads of Sadolxem and Chiplem.

The ill-fated vehicles were later moved away from the highway by requisitioning a crane from a road construction site.

Canacona has been witnessing accidents on a regular basis, along the National Highway, which is considerably narrow, mainly involving heavy vehicles.

The movement of heavy vehicles has also increased on this highway due to the work on Molem-Ramnagar road stretch.

Satish Paiguinkar, a resident of Poiguinnim, said that the commuters will get respite from such accidents only after the inauguration of the Charrasta-Mashem bypass link.

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