Tuesday , 24 September 2019
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AITD students develop cashewnut segregating system

The final year students of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design (AITD) developed a system to segregate various grades of cashew nuts with high accuracy and reduced cost so as to benefit small-scale industries.

The team of students were Elanton Fernandes, Heramb Hanumant Bandekar, Ashutosh Gurudas Harmalkar and Bradwel Pinto, guided by professor Harish Velingkar and professor Laxmikant Bordekar.

The aim of the project was to reduce the cost of segregating cashew nuts.  Cashew nuts are placed on the conveyor and as they move along the conveyor they enter a box. An image of the cashew nut is taken. A machine then classifies the grade of the nut and the motors orient themselves depending on the grade. The overall cost of this system was estimated at `20, 000 which is a significant drop from the current `25, 00,000. This system can be an improvement over the current manual systems.

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