Monday , 23 September 2019
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Ambelim prevail over Betalbatim




Ambelim SC entered the quarterfinals of Our Lady of Assumpta Trophy football tournament defeating Betalbatim Sporting 5-4 via tie-breaker, at Sarzora grounds on Thursday.

The teams played a goalless draw during the regulation time despite having some glorious chances to score.

Both the teams adopted a cautious approach to the game and concentrated mostly on the defensive side. Both the teams had a strong defence wherein Manushawn Fernandes, the tall and well-built stopper back, stood firm and never allowed much liberty for Ambelim strikers to maneuver inside their territory, even though Ambelim’s skillful striker Jude Colaco made some serious attempt to find the mark by somehow sneaking in. However, his shots were well collected by a confident looking Betalbatim keeper who proved to be a hard nut to crack throughout the normal period of play.

Ambelim’s Samson Fernandes had a good game in the midfield and gave torrid time to Betalbatim lads, but he was tackled in the nick of time by defender Manushawn Fernandes, who was easily the pick of the lot.

The second session saw Betalbatim SC coming close to finding the mark with Klusner Pereira making some deep runs inside the rival box, but the strong defence of Ambelim SC quelled all their moves.

On another occasion, Betalbatim’s Oliver D’Souza almost scored but his scorching shot just missed the mark narrowly.

As time ticked by, both the teams tried some long rangers to find the mark but in vain.

Almost towards the end of the match, Jade Colaco let go a powerful try which was smartly tipped over the bar by Betalbatim keeper for an abortive flag kick.

As the teams were involved in a dead-lock, the tie breaker system had to be adopted to decide the winners wherein Ambelim SC proved to be better shooters as they scored through Michael, Macron, Steven, Samson and Jade Colaco.

Betalbatim SC could find the mark only through Klusner Pereira, Ronaldo, Oliver and Manushawn Fernandes.


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