Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Arianna shares her mathematical experiences in a book

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A spirited six-year-old girl, Arianna Clovis-Mascarenhas who loves to make up stories and write has recently written a book titled ‘The Boy and Girl who learnt to Love Maths’. Student of class 1 Arianna hails from Goa and is temporarily living in the city of Chennai.

Her mother, Chiara Clovis da Costa says: “Arianna loves stories in any form, sometimes she reads and sometimes she writes using her ever so wild imagination and love for creative art. She also loves composing poems and like any other child her age, loves to pretend play.”

In the book, Arianna has written about her own experiences with mathematics, a subject disliked by most children. The book takes the readers through a series of events that Sam and Polly, the main characters, go through to realise the importance of mathematics in everyday life and how they eventually learn to love the subject.

It is a simple story that most children will relate to. It is written in an endearing and easy conversational style that not only draws the reader in, but also paints a vivid picture of the surroundings in which the story takes place. It is a quick and simple read for children who read on their own, and also great story for parents to read to their little ones. “Arianna draws from her personal experiences and that provides a very interesting perspective that will leave you pondering even after you are done reading the book,” states Chiara.

The book is available online and on the publisher’s website:


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