Monday , 23 September 2019
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‘Do not associate substance abuse with EDMs’

Nikhil Chinapa, a name synonymous with the new trends in music, believes that Goa has a tremendous scope for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals.
Presently, the festival director is part of VH1 Supersonic music festival, which is held in the month of December, at Candolim. Earlier, he was associated with the country’s first EDM Festival, Sunburn, which is also held in Goa at around the same time.
He says, “I believe there is a scope to organise four more EDMs in Goa. In a place like England, during summer, which lasts for around three to four months, they host 240 music festivals. And I am talking only about England and not Europe. So, imagine India’s capacity with its 1.3 billion population.”
Speaking about his parting from the Sunburn Festival, he maintains, “Everything in life has an expiry date. I am happy to be part of VH1 Supersonic.”
Nikhil was in the capital city to launch Tissot’s Asian Games Collection at the newly opened Tissot showroom at St Inez, Panaji. The co-host of MTV’s reality show Splitsvilla is a part of Tissot because of its association with Splitsvilla.
Speaking further on the topic of EDMs, Nikhil, one of the first VJs of our country, says that EDMs are here to stay they offer a huge revenue opportunity through tourism. On the point of problems faced by locals because of such festivals by way of traffic jams, noise pollution, etc, he suggests, “We need to work with local communities in order to tackle these issues. There is no single point solution to these problems as they are constantly evolving. But, overall, I believe that locals do earn in terms of revenue through such festivals.”
What about the culture corruption argument?
“I think we need to understand that our culture is one of the most inclusive cultures in the world. Over the centuries we have been ruled by so many dynasties and rulers and each time we have accepted the change and adapted ourselves accordingly. I believe that in a society there will always be a counter opinion to whatever you do or say”, says Nikhil, who on a concluding note makes it a point to emphasize that it is not correct to associate EDMs with substance abuse.
“I am tired of telling everyone that there is no relation between music and substance abuse. You turn off the music and people who are into substance abuse will continue with the habit. By having such arguments we are not looking at the real issues related to substance abuse. It is our responsibility to create a better society and it should be a collective responsibility to tackle this issue.”

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