Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Battling cancer, stigma and more


Associate professor, writer, and actor Prashanti Talpankar will speak about her fight against cancer. Prashanti has worked as an editor, scriptwriter, translator, besides having authored a book on the migrant labourers in Goa (Shadows in the dark). She was the winner of the Sahitya Akademi awards for translation in 2017 (That long Silence by Shashi Deshpande into Konkani – Dirgh Moun Tye) and is a known face in the Goan film fraternity. She was last seen in the Konkani film Juze, playing the role of a grandmother.

Today, at MOG Sundays, her talk ‘Tryst with Cancer’will be layered with details of her personal experiences, how she came out openly on social media, the idea of stigmatisation and above all – her fight.

She says life never walks in a straight line. It has so many twists and turns that the instinct of ‘fight or flight’ is always on alert mode for her. “So when I was told that the lump in my breast could be cancerous, I got worried but wasn’t shaken up. But the biopsy report proved me wrong. There were so many hurdles, problems, questions, worries and queries. For the first time I realised what stigmatisation can be?” she says. This was the first time she realised how love from friends, family, doctors and empathetic strangers can be.

The talk will also cover details of how an online family cared and felt a dreaded disease like this has to be fought with medicines, knowledge and will-power. “Armoured strongly with support from my doctors, family and friends I put on my ‘fight mode’ and came out openly on social media,” she says while terming the fight with cancer was challenging one, an experience and the battle that she wishes to share with people.


(The talk will be held at MOG (Museum of Goa), Pilerne Industrial Estate. Open to all)

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