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Bullying the teenager

Dr Kedar Padte

Bullying still continues in schools, colleges and work places. In some places it’s a joke and in other places it is serious and ranges from physical and mental tortures to suicides and homicides.


Here is an episode to remember.

“Write my thesis and after the corrections you will have to type it,” said Aroganto to Timidita.

Timidita quietly picked up the papers and began walking towards her hostel.

“Let’s go and start our game,” said Arogan to his friends, whilst the stunned class listened.

Talkerato the assistant professor who had overheard the conversation decided to turn a blind eye and walked away.

Professor Talkerato was a meek geek weighing 49 kilograms and it looked as though the clothes were put out to hang on his six-foot frame.

The know-it-all of the class, Timidita, was frail and weighed 42 kilograms, and had tears in her eyes. She had planned an extensive dissertation on ‘Artificial intelligence and programming the kitchen robot to think like a chef’.

It would be one-of-its-kind, but to put her plan on paper and submit it for her exams she had to put in 16 hours a day. There was not time to write another thesis on ‘How the cyber camera should be placed on the football ground’ for Aroganto.

When Aroganto confronted her in the canteen and asked: “How far have you reached with my thesis?” she said: “I have not yet reached your ground.”

His retort: “The camera is on you,” made her shudder and the chatter in the canteen came to a hault.

The next day Timidita was wearing sun glasses all day despite the overcast weather. Everyone knew the reason was she had a black eye from Aroganto.

While scoring a goal he shouted “Lucky she did not lose her eye, next time she is going to lose her virginity.” He wanted to make sure the message was circulated.

When Aroganto did not turn up on the field for the semi-finals everyone was concerned. “He is in the hospital on intravenous drips,” whispered the coach.

Aroganto got abusive last night and physically attacked Timidita. She warned him that she was carrying sting nettle, an itchy powder from a plant which would send him scratching all over.

If he got closer she would throw it at him. He laughed and picked up the envelope containing the itch powder, “You had better not throw this at me,” he shouted unaware that the envelope wasn’t sealed and the powder was falling on to his person.

The next moment the seven-foot, burly, muscular, sweaty Aroganto collapsed onto the floor like a pack of cards. The histamine released was too much. He became red, urticarial and flushed to the ground. No one had ever seen Timidita work so fast. She flung herself to his side, pulled out his tongue from his frothing mouth and shouted for help. By the time the ambulance arrived Timidita was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Aroganto.

It was as though a squirrel was breathing into a rhino.

For this tiny tot the bully was gone said the CMO at the government hospital.

“You actually kissed me?” asked Aroganto. Timidity squealed and said it was artificial respiration and then said she would be going to work on her thesis on artificial intelligence, in front of the class.

“May I write it for you,” asked Aroganto much to the uproar of an applauding class.

Talkeranto continued applauding in silence.

Laws and CCTVs are neither deterents to the problem nor the answer to bullying. The soul has to be empathetic.

(Columnist is a well-known gynaecologist practising in Panaji. Send in your queries to


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