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C I D – Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

The new tiatr ‘CID’ by Mini Mario is based on the recent crimes that have taken place in Goa; it showcases the recent rape incident that took place in one of the coastal villages in Goa.

Vijay is the newly elected sarpanch who takes a vow by standing in front of a cross and a statue of St Anthony- that he will manage the affairs of the village with clean administration. Some locals support him while others who had voted for him, challenge his authority. He wants to change the signboards, they object. He wants to close down massage parlours carrying on illegal activities they protest. In fact they object to any good that should happen.

One day, a young girl gets raped. She was at the beach with her lover. Three migrants start threatening them with knives and sexually assault the girl. Those who support the sarpanch want to help him solve the case and those like the builder who don’t want to help, make use of money to dethrone the sarpanch. Further in the tiatr, the director tries to convince the audience that unity among Goans is important which can help prevent crimes.

The tiatr moves at a brisk pace. But till the end of the first half, there is no sign of the CID. Many issues have been brought to the fore and the actors perform well. The backdrop for scenes on the beach is pleasing to the eye. There is some good comedy, with a little brat creating plenty of humour.

Ronnie returns to the stage after a long time. His act as the sarpanch is impressive. Mini Mario is the builder, Anif and Vitorin are the evil ones and Maria with Mario, Alister and Rio try to help the man in authority.  Sonia is the rape victim.

Sally and Selvy provide many funny moments along with Master Win tries his hand at comedy and does it well. But the pick is the pint-sized Felecia who impresses as ‘vhoddil’.

Music is provided by Dominic de Arambol and Sheldon (trumpet), Welvin (drums), Myron (bass) and Angelo (keyboard). The opening song by Menino Mario-Cajy-George is about the popular Hindi TV serial ‘CID’ which used to be aired till recently.

There are other songs from Cajy, Master Win, Maria, Regina and others.  A solo from George Coelho on the power of Prayer is amazing. Also, solo by Menino Mario introducing his family and a duo by him along with Master Win,  is entertaining.

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