Sunday , 15 September 2019
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Cabral outlines roadmap to end power woes



Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Monday released a white paper on the status of power situation in the state, claiming that there is no shortage of power in the state.

However, he admitted that there are problems in electricity  transmission, which are  encountered at various extra high voltage  stations.

Addressing a press conference at the Secretariat on Monday, Cabral claimed that the government has came out with a permanent solution to power failure in South Goa by stopping drawing power from the Southern Region grid coming from Karnataka side.

The government  instead has started taking power for the state entirely from the Western Region grid coming from Maharashtra side.

“We intend not to draw  electricity coming  from the Southern Region grid until the proposed Darbandora substation is ready, which will be operational by December 2024,” he said.

The state government has stopped taking power from the Southern Region grid after obtaining permissions from the central grid authority.

Cabral said that after taking charge as the Minister for Power he undertook a complete review of the  department  and visited  various sites in the state to see and acquaint himself with the working of the electricity department.

He acquainted himself with  power procurement, the transmission lines brining power to Goa from other states, the distribution and transmission networks within the state, the extra high voltage substations, the 33/11 KV substations and the distribution transformers.

The minister said that Goa does not  generate  power on its own and is dependent totally on central generating stations.

Presently the state is receiving 392 MW from the Western Region grid and 100 MW from the Southern Region grid.

According to him, the total allocation from the ministry of power as on Monday  is 492 MW and present power requirement of Goa is around 572 to 610 MW at peak hours.

The department is procuring the balance requirement of power from the open Indian Energy Exchange.

He said that all the extra high voltage substations are heavily loaded and cannot transmit or distribute the required power at many places, and the transformers and substations as a whole are loaded and cannot cater to the loads of the consumers.

“These EHV substations are  the heart of our system. Unless and until these substations as well as the transmitting network lines are strengthened and additional capacities are built, no amount of work done on the distribution network will give much relief. Hence, my focus is primarily on strengthening the main transmission network across Goa,” he said.

Since these are all major works it will take a lot of time. But once these works are completed it will take care of the state’s growing demand for the next at least 30 to 40 years,” Cabral explained.

The Power Minister also said that a detail plan on transmission lines and capacity building of EHV substations has been worked out.

He appealed to the people for support to implement the plans worked out by him for delivering uninterrupted and reliable power supply in the state.

“I am ready to visit any part of Goa to attend power supply issues. My only appeal to the people of Goa to support and co-operate the government for improvement of power supply infrastructure,” he said, adding that the government is planning to have ring feeding circuit in future for providing smooth and uninterrupted power supply to the people of Goa.

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