Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Sixty, going on sixteen

They may be in the twilight years of their life but no way are they ready to hang up their boots. This Elder’s Day, ‘The Navhind’ Times finds that the word elder is a misnomer for most are as enthusiastic, if not more, than a ‘younger’

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Dedicated to the Blessed Joseph Vaz, Patron Saint of Goa

The Parishioners of Carambolim under the leadership of their parish priest are organising an All Goa Night Vigil for peace and communal harmony. The Archbishop, Patriarch Filipe Neri Ferrao has dedicated this year to the patron saint of Goa, Blessed Joseph Vaz with the theme “Juze Vazachi Dekh Gheum-ya Kristi Totvank Sakxi Dium-ya” .

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The Great White Hope

By Meher Castelino
For a woman her most prized possession is the little black dress. For men it’s the opposite colour. So it is the simple white shirt that can make that all-important impact as a power shirt that will give the right impression. Not for anything is it known as The Great White Hope of male fashion.

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Making music together

They talk, they laugh, they sing and they make music together. They are the silver citizens of the amiable senior citizen’s choir. Cheery, hearty and happy-go-lucky, boredom and worry dare not be there to hassle them as they immerse themselves in the endless ocean of music chords.

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Ustad Hussain guides students at workshop on Indian classical music

Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar is in Goa to share his vast knowledge with the students of a workshop on Indian classical music. Organised by the Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa, this ongoing workshop was held at the Black box, Kala Academy. It will conclude on October 1.  

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A love triangle that ends well


 ‘Tuji Vokol Mhoji Bail’ is the story of a love triangle told differently. Rohan (Martin Mendes), a minister’s son is deeply in love with Fiona (Maria Rodrigues) and reaches a point of his love becoming an obsession. Rohan’s uninvited advances result in him being hit with a bamboo stick by Fiona’s fiancé Davis (Peter Corriea).

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‘Village Evening’ mirrors beauty and threat to rural life

Sanjiv Verenkar’s anthology of poems ‘Village Evening’ translated from Konkani to English by the late Prof Prakash Thali was released at the hands of Dr Maria Arora Couto at the convention hall, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Panaji.

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