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Oppana: The Colourful Wedding Dance

By K D L Khan

Despite India being the home of Islam for more than 1300 years, dances associated with Islam, like the dervish dance has not prospered much in our nation. Only of late, an amalgam of Islam oriented dances like Sufi dance are making their appearance in our major metropoles.

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The Importance of Gram Sabhas

By Tomazinho Cardozo

The 73rd Constitutional Amendment has virtually converted the gram sabha of every village panchayat into a supreme decision-making body in the affairs of the development of villages.

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‘I May Look Sweet But Be Careful’: Lynne Featherstone

By Pamela Philipose

Gender as a concern seems to have fallen off the map. How does the UK government perceive it? 

I don’t think gender has fallen off as a concern. Sometimes what does happen is that other issues of state that are pressing in some ways keep coming up.

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Enlightenment – When?

By Sadhguru

What happens after death? How long does it take to get enlightened?’ These are the routine questions I get asked.

It is not really a question of time; it is really a question of when.

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Magnificent Flora

By Dr Kasturi Desai

Often there is a misconception that medicinal plants indicate only herbs or small plants, but the fact is that plants include all herbs, shrubs and trees. In fact the list of trees is never ending as the medicinal component can be right from the roots to the seeds! The bark of many trees may be having an active compound but the other parts may have some other uses.

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Ministerial Gaffe

By Khushwant Singh

Cabinet Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, need not apologise to anyone for having described homosexuality as unnatural. There are millions of others who share his opinion. The problem is that homosexuality is a part of everyone’s experience. Most of us get over it when we have access to the opposite and only a small minority remain gays or lesbians all their lives.

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The Moon and the Ring

By Jose Mathew Ovelil

Not very long ago, there was a great king called Ravi Varma in central India. This benevolent king was known all over the world for his honesty and integrity. During his reign there was hardly any crime in the kingdom as punishments were severe and immediate. His subjects had a very happy and prosperous life and everyone loved and respected the king.

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Mantua Magic

By Meher Castelino

It is said that Mantua the quaint town in Italy is so beautiful it is worth travelling thousands of miles to see it. The history of this town dates back to 70 BC and has the most beautiful churches, palaces, lakes and opera houses besides great shopping and food.

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The Neglected Mushrooms of Goa

By Nandkumar M Kamat

Goa has a minimum five-thousand-year-old tradition of ethnomycology and ethnomycophagy. Worship of mushrooms is older than worship of tigers and serpents. The shamans of Kushavati culture consumed a psychedelic mushroom called Psilocybe that is found engraved on the rocky platform at Pansaimol.

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