Monday , 23 September 2019
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An Ideal Teatime Snack

By Melinda Pereira Kamat
Samosa: Time: About 30-45 min,
Serves 10-15. Ingredients for the non vegetarian stuffing:

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Know Thyself

By Khushwant Singh

India knows Anupam as one of the many stars of Bollywood. He has starred in over 450 films. India does not know there is another side to him: he is also a thinker.

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Far From the Reach of Any Human Hand

By Smitha Bhandare Kamat
Tadev de Skoda Cotta stared at his watch, it was the first gift from his dearest wife. It had served him long and served him well. He touched it gingerly, he touched it yet again gently, lovingly.

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Dead Sea: Lowest, Saltiest Point on Earth

By Grace Witwer Housholder and Terry Housholder
The Dead Sea does not look like its name. On a clear November day we drove along it for miles and marvelled at its beauty. The sparkling water was a spectacular and wondrous blue. The few plants and rocks along the shoreline had a thick, whitish coating - salt, I presume.

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More Powerful Than Ever Before

By Jayesh Limaye
Apple launches a new iteration of most of its products every year and it almost religiously follows a timetable for that. Late last year, it launched the latest iterations of its MacBook Pro high-performance laptops with upgraded hardware and software. We received the higher-end 15” model of the series.

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National Science Day Completes 25 Years

By Nandkumar M Kamat
National Science day (NSD) celebrates the Nobel-Prize-winning discovery of Sir C V Raman - The Raman effect. On February 28, 1927 this effect was discovered and within three years Raman won the Nobel Award.

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The German Way…

By Derek Almeida
There is something curious about the way Germans do things. Passing by the Verna Industrial Estate, the Siemens factory hits you in the face. It is huge, and I assume, planned to perfection – parking, landscape, lighting toilets and all. That is how the Germans do it.

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Bookworms in a New Avatar

Akansha Patra, 7, loves to read her interactive Fisher Price story book. For tech savvy Nirav Mahapatra, an IIM grad who is a self proclaimed techie, book reading is all about buying relevant e-books from Amazon and reading them in his laptop in his leisure time.

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Shaking Minarets of India

By K D L Khan

According to world heritage lists, there are 20000 plus Islamic shrines in the world. Out of this 4000 plus are in India and 1400 plus (jointly in Pakistan and Bangladesh).

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