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Chimbel villagers seek white paper on IT park

CHIMBEL: The gram sabha of the Chimbel village panchayat on Sunday demanded that a white paper must be brought out on the proposed IT park within a fortnight.

The gram sabha passed a resolution demanding that a white paper on the IT park project at Chimbel must be brought out within a fortnight, adding that villagers would be ready for discussions on the project only if the document is released. Otherwise, the villagers will turn  to legal course.

However, some villagers, including Tukaram Kunkolkar and Anna Gracias, demanded that the IT park project must be scrapped.

Govind Shirodkar, another villager, urged the government to take the villagers into confidence before pushing ahead with the project.

Stating that over 6 lakh sq mt of land has been kept aside for the IT park project, Tukaram Kunkolkar expressed his fears that villagers would not have any say on the land once it is utilised   by the government.

However, Pandurang Kunkolkar spoke in favour of the project, adding that the project holds the key to the future of villagers.

At the meeting, there were strong demands for 40 per cent reservation in IT park jobs for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, a school playground and a community hall.

The villagers also demanded that interests of SC, ST and OBC communities must be protected.

They clamoured for the total withdrawal of all village lands, including the Kadamba plateau, from the Greater Panaji Planning and Development Authority.

A letter to that effect will be written to the PDA.

“The areas coming under the Chimbel panchayat do not have proper amenities, but the government keeps on permitting mega housing projects,”  Brian Gonsalves said, seeking  a complete ban on mega housing projects in the village.

Some villagers raised the bogey of migrant workers, maintaining   that the migrants are changing the demographic balance.

Govind Shirodkar displayed the villagers the people’s biodiversity register prepared by a technical team,  which was appointed last year by the biodiversity management committee.

The team, which has painstakingly  prepared the register, urged the villagers to give local inputs so as to get approval from the government.

The register will be  open for public perusal.

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