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Choosing the right profession: Teenage confusion

Dr Kedar Padte

It was a lovely morning in the canteen of the Elitemix University campus. The aura of the tea did nothing to settle heated arguments amongst the gathered teenagers.

“Boisterina,” screamed Timidita “are you out of your senses? You always wanted to pursue law, and now you are suddenly applying for catering sciences, when you don’t know how to make an omelette?”

It’s not about law, it is just that Aroganto has chosen catering and I want to be with him, said Boisterina.

She turned gravely to Seckneverika and said: “And you madam! You were so keen on MBBs, and now you want to change to IIT?”

I cannot see myself away from my boy friend for the next six years said Secks. It is four and a half years of study, internship and village posting. I am worried ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

Timidita’s agitation knew no bounds. If it is true love it will remain, if not it was never meant to be. Please don’t change your professional path for the sake of relationships. Instead, let the relationships nurture your professional growth said Timidita.

“I was not sure I wanted to pursue MBBS in the first place. May be IIT is good. No one told me how to choose a line. I just drifted from class to class, mastering subjects I don’t care about today,” said Secksneverika.

Professor Teachmemore who was on the next table at the canteen decided to drop in on the conversation and said: “May I speak for a moment?” Everyone responded with an “Of course sir!”

He went on to say that there wasn’t much of a choice when he was younger. After school most students chose between arts, science, commerce and sometimes law.

If it was arts one pursued BA or MA. One was forced to be a teacher and had to enrol for BEd.

Law was just LLB and rarely LLM. Commerce led to the production of accountants, with a few stars moving towards CA.

Science had to be BSc, BE or medicine.

The decision to choose between the various branches in science was not dependent on one’s likes but on the merit or marks list. If one got a choice between engineering and medicine, one’s parents would pick MBBs as it was associated with glamour. In difficult times a career was chosen by tossing a coin!

“Sir, isn’t it strange that we still do not have vocational guidance at all?” asked Timidita.

Professor Teachmemore said she was right and added the child is the father of the man. If we can see a boy making, breaking and remaking toys, and grasping for spanners there would be no point in telling him to choose medicine. There are vocational guidance courses for children and parents.

But no one puts in that much effort for their child. More often than not a lawyer’s child chooses law, and a doctor’s child picks medicine out of infectious academics at home that brainwash the parents first and the child next.

“I remember Anabella from our class,” said Professor Teachmemore, “She was brilliant in school and college, and never missed a movie that released. Her parents forced her to pick medicine which she topped any way. Yet a year after internship she went on to become a film director. Today I am told she is famous in Hollywood.”

Boisterina asked how to pick a profession. “If you like law just go with it. Joining catering, if you are not made for it, will only egg your fingers. You’ll hate Aroganto for not having joined the profession of your choice. There are online vocational guidance classes too, with aptitude tests that help you decide your career. Go with your instinct though, for instinct rarely lets you down,” said Professor Teachmemore.

I will join MBBS for sure said Secks and Boisterina decided to pursue LLB.

Timidita giggled and said “Secks, what will you do if your boyfriend drifts?”

I will cut him up by then as I’ll be a surgeon said Secks and then asked “what will you do if Araganto leaves?”

Boisterina said she will sue him as she will be a lawyer.

They left the table leaving behind an amused professor.


(Columnist is a well-known gynaecologist practising in Panaji. Send in your queries to


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