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Chronicles of the rain

There are plenty of legends and myths associated with the monsoons that float around during this season. NT BUZZ  highlights a few of these that people have heard about


Through the years, many myths and legends have been passed on from generation to generation. It is the same with those related to the rains too. And every year, these make a comeback along with the showers.

Wedding woes

These fables touch upon various themes and aspects of life. “I have heard that a newly-wed lady should not see the husband’s house on the day of Mirga during the first year of marriage. She can stay at the mother’s or any other relative’s house,” informs Harshada Gauns from Sanguem. Mirga is the day of the first showers according to Hindu custom, and which generally falls on June 7 or June 8.

The big bang theory

How the season begins is also of prime importance. As per a myth, the monsoon season must start and end with a ‘big bang’, that is with lightning and thunder. If not, then there will be drought, famine and death. And woe betides those who are caught unawares in such a heavy downpour. “It is said that when there is lightning and thunder, one should lie down on the ground and take shelter under a tree,” says resident of Chandor, Ravindra Kudchadkar. In fact, according to a report on National Geographic, being anywhere close to a high object, like a tree, could in reality heighten the chances of being struck . 

The old lady and some rice

Apart from these various myths, there is many an interesting story about the causes of thunder and lightning that are often told to children. Indeed, these tales were a source of fascination for Avin Anant Pai Kane. “I was told that the sound of thunder was caused by an old lady pounding rice while lightning was caused when the same old lady was cooking with the fire,” he recollects.

Though Kane knows now that this is not the case, he still has fond memories of these innocent times. “The tales seemed real to me as a child but as I matured the stories lost their charm. But I miss being that small little innocent child hiding behind my mother every time I heard the thunder,” he adds.

Indra’s triumph

Aishwarya Sinari from Panaji meanwhile has always been fascinated by mythology and recalls an episode from Indian mythology about a duel between the king of heaven Indra,  who killed Vritra (the demon of drought) after he gulped down all the water on earth. The brawl was heard on Earth as thunder, and lightning flashed when their weapons clashed. “Indra emerged victorious and slit open Vritra’s body with a weapon made from sage Dadhichi’s bones and that was the end of Vritra and the beginning of rain on Earth, which continues till date. It is a fascinating account from the Rig Vedas with magic and illusionary feats,” explains Sinari. As a curious child, she also recalls how she used to imagine an old woman with bad eyesight riding a motorbike across the sky; dashing clouds with a thunderous bang and making it rain.  

Wedding bells

One of the most common tales in Goa however is about the ‘makdache kazar’ (monkey’s wedding). As per this tale, when it’s sunny and still drizzling it is believed that a monkey is getting married somewhere. While Sharayu Naik from Uguem does not believe in this, she has noted that people across states and various cultures also believe in this tale. “I am curious to know how this myth originated,” she says.

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