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Committed to the Konkani stage

Not even injuries can keep tiatrist Eleuterio da Costa away from the stage. The Divar-based tiatrist talks to NT BUZZ about his initiation into tiatr, the challenges he faced, and his thoughts on the young talent entering the field

J P Pereira

Eleuterio da Costa has always enjoyed performing on stage, right from his school days at Our Lady of Divar High School. He made his tiatr debut in the Konkani entertainment scene with ‘Kednanch Morchona’, a tiatr by Milagres de Chandor.

From 2002 to 2006, he continued acting in various shows and was appreciated for his talent. However, as he struggled to secure a steady job, he decided to move to Dubai in 2006 where he worked in a five star hotel till 2011.

Circumstances made him return to Goa and he decided to start from scratch. A visit to one of his previous directors landed him an offer for a role in a new show, but apprehension from senior actors, didn’t work in his favour, and another professional was chosen instead.

But as they say, ‘God works wonders’, two actors left the group and Eleuterio was roped in again. “The apprehensions continued but after the performance, each of the senior artiste congratulated me for the role I played,” he recounts happily. “Then onwards, there was no looking back,” he says.

In 2012, Dominic Carvalho cast him in his new show titled ‘Tujea Nanvam Khatir’. He then went on to act in four other shows with the same director. Besides this, there was ‘Akantvaddi Goeant Naka’ by Tousif de Navelim and ‘Bentin’ by Dolphin. He played a major role, that of a politician who wanted to work honestly for the people in ‘Giddh 2’ by Valencio Vaz. Later there was ‘Girest Bhikari’ by Elvis-Carmen, as well as ‘Open Jail’ and ‘Mojea ani Sojea’ by Anil Pednekar.

There were several other shows also, wherein Eleuterio performed serious roles, as well as positive and negative comedy. Currently, he is part of Comedian Dominic’s troupe. Having begun with ‘Mafi Magtam’, he is now presently part of the ongoing ‘Housewife’ where he plays a ‘dominating father’ to perfection, Eleuterio has also acted in folk plays for Comedian Michael, Cajy de Curtorim and Xavier de Maina. He played a major role in ‘Point’, that was staged for the Tiatr Competition in 2018 organised by Kala Academy by Alfie Fernandes.

He was also declared as the best actor at the same competition in 2017 for Ronny Socorro Productions, ‘Dev Borem Korum’, a tiatr written and directed by Joaquim Dias. Eleuterio can also be seen in an ad film for a political party. He will next be seen in ‘Wedding Day’, a silent comedy film by Spirit Fernandes and Mini Mario’s film titled ‘Dirty Game’.

But Eleuterio’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, especially the two accidents that he met which was a setback to his acting career. He was supposed to act as a replacement for an actor in the first part of ‘Giddh’. Due to torrential rains and a leakage he went to check on the roofing of his house and came crashing down. “The next thing I knew was that I was in a hospital and the doctor advised rest and various other check-ups. I told the doctor I had to perform in this show as the tickets were already sold out. The doctor refused initially, but gave in after being persistent. I was injected pain killers, and I went on to perform at the show. Then I was unable to move for 15 days,” Eleuterio recounts

Later for ‘Vatt, Sot ani Jivit’ he encountered yet another accident, with an electric saw. This time the show had to be suspended and in the subsequent tiatr by Comedian Dominic, he had to perform using a walker.

Eleuterio is a committed actor. Giving advice to newcomers he says that dedication to the art should always take precedence. “Many times, newcomers do not come prepared and the audience feels disappointed. It is because of reasons like this that the audience is compelled to think twice before attending a show which has new faces and thus in the bargain, even the one’s with talent are rejected”, he says.

When Eleuterio is not performing in tiatrs, he takes up catering for small functions. His wife Sandra is a teacher at St Theresa’s High School, Candolim and he is proud of his daughters, Aaliyah, Aahana and Aanaya. “If they have the knack, they are most welcome to act”, concludes Eleuterio.

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