Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Cycling enthusiasts who have registered at the Serendipity Arts Festival being held in Panaji can cheer about the cycle service that is available at two venues – Adil Shah Palace and PWD Complex. Visitors can use this service to travel across the venues in and around the city for 30 minutes after which they would have to return the cycles back to the volunteers at the help desk. NT BUZZ speaks to Festival director Smriti Rajgarhia to know about this initiative to promote cycling and walking among the visitors

Cycling in and around Panaji city


Visitors at Serendipity Arts Festival who don’t have their own means of transportation can now travel from one venue to the other using the shuttle service. The pick and drop shuttle service isn’t something new but the recently added aspect to the mobility of the visitors is that bicycles are made available so that they can freely move in and around the city across all the venues. The idea of this service is to encourage the visitors to cycle to the venues instead of taking their two- or four-wheelers out on the road and adding to the vehicular pollution.

This initiative also aims to promote walking and cycling among the visitors, “Panaji isn’t a very big city and we do not need cars to travel. Hence, by making cycles available we wish to reduce our carbon footprint as well promote cycling. Another important aspect that was in our mind while we launched this initiative was to encourage the visitors to take up activities such as cycling and walking which are good for health,” says director, Serendipity Arts Festival, Smriti Rajgarhia. The cycles are available at Adil Shah Palace and PWD Complex, Panaji with 10 cycles at each of the two venues.

In order to avail this service the visitor will have to register at the help desk from where he can then proceed to his destination. “A visitor can keep the cycle for maximum 30 minutes after which he will have to return the cycle back to the venue failing which the volunteer will give the visitor a call. The service is free and moreover based on faith and trust and hence the visitor does not have to submit any legal document before taking the cycles,” says Smriti adding that only individuals above the age of 18 can take benefit of this service.

(The shuttle and cycle service are free of cost.)

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