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Decoding Pankaj Tripathi

Actor Pankaj Tripathi has done over 40 films like ‘Stree’, ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’, ‘Newton’, and others. At the concluding day of Goa Fest 2019, Tripathi shared his story at a knowledge seminar. NT BUZZ reports


Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi never dreamt of being famous. “I was a very ordinary person. I did not dream big. I was happy with whatever I had and with whatever I did,” he admitted, at a knowledge seminar at the recently concluded Goafest. In fact, he revealed, he used to be wary of the newcomers joining the industry. “I would assume that they were better than me,” said Tripathi. This perception however changed when he discovered that they have very little or no knowledge at all about the work.

And while, many a time actors are particular about the kind of roles or films they choose, the actor, who has been a part of ‘Stree’ and did an intense role as Kalin Bhaiya in web series ‘Mirzapur’ is someone who is not choosy when it comes to film offers. In fact, he admits, he feels bad to decline a film offer. “Films are not only a medium of entertainment but they are also a platform to send a social message to the audience. I know I need to be selective when it comes to films, but I feel bad. There are other things that I also take into consideration while working on a film,” said Tripathi. These include taking into consideration the director and the crew.

Being truthful as a person has also helped in his work, Tripathi added. “If you are truthful in real life you will be truthful in your acting as well and that will show in your acting on screen. To me, being truthful is also important as it makes me happy and I want to be a good human,” he said.

Tripathi also shared various instances when he was asked to act without proper guidelines and direction. “There have been films where they tell you what the role is but they let you do whatever you what and however you want. This is purely because they have understood me and how I have established myself. Therefore they give liberty to put my originality into my work,” he said.

The actor also believes in preparing himself before he goes in front of the camera to shoot.

He said: “The script comes three to four months prior to the shoot. When you know the role, you automatically come to know the kind of practice or preparation it demands. Sometimes when I am scared, I know that I should prepare myself better and that’s when I focus more on the character or the role I play.”

Besides this, Tripathi also spoke about how he avoids and hates the term ‘character actor’. He believes that an actor needs to evolve and learn new things over the years rather than restricting himself to one particular thing.

With ‘nepotism’ being an issue plaguing in Bollywood quite often, Tripathi didn’t shy away from speaking about it. “It can be an obstacle when it comes to acting but to be a successful an actor needs to go through a lot of other problems. There are actors who have been successful without a lot of pain. You don’t have to have a stressful or painful life to portray your creative talents.”

Tripathi is also grateful for his wife’s support in his film journey so far. He stated that she has seen his struggle and knows how sincere he is when it comes to his work and therefore, she has never asked him to stop pursuing his art.“She understood that there will be the day when success will come,” he said.

The actor also shared his advice for aspiring actors. “You have to be present in the moment and that is when you’ll have an idea about how much effort and struggle you need to give to the role,” he said.

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Tripathi believes that he now needs to focus more on his health. “I want to rest a little, eat properly, so that I can go forward and take up more films and give my audience different facets of my acting,” said the actor, who will next be seen  in the sports film ‘83’ which is based on the India’s cricket world cup win  of 1983.

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