Sunday , 15 September 2019
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‘Dev Tumkaim Ditolo’ – TIATR REVIEW JP Pereira

‘Dev Tumkaim Ditolo’ the new tiatr from Menino de Bandar deals with characters who have no scruples and keep blaming others, for their behavior.

Mackenzie is the only son of a widow, Shalini who always whines that his salary is not sufficient. He works for a private firm, but wants a government job. The mother wants him to get married. Mackenzie is in love with Samenca. She comes to visit Mackenzie’s family along with her father. The father however feels that the boy’s family belongs to a lower caste and that they are financially backward. But Mackenzie convinces the girl’s father and gets married to Samenca. Lavina, a colleague in Mackenzie’s office has problems with her husband Juliao. She has an extra marital affair with Mackenzie.

Then why did Mackenzie get married? Samenca will not accept this. Shalini wants a grandchild, Samenca does not conceive so they beat her up and chase her out of the house. Lavina comes to stay with Mackenzie and Shalini expects her to fulfill her wish of becoming a grandmother. And no one cares that a child like this, is not blessed, till some good sense is drilled into all the characters!

The woman is blamed for all the problems and the man can do whatever he pleases. Once again it is proved that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman. Chitra as Shalini is impressive playing a negative role of the mother; soft spoken but cruel. Also check out the confrontation with Humbert! Samenca plays the wife showing plenty of emotion while Lavina is the tough and selfish woman, who gets what she wants. Maxcy and Jose play the husbands and Satyawan Tari is great as the father who cares about his daughter’s future.

Menino is the priest who tries to bring about reconciliation in the family. The comedy has Humbert in the lead, playing the person who interferes in the family affairs. He cracks some good jokes. Meena Goes is cast as Yalamma, the young lady plays the comic role in style with good support from Valencio, playing three different characters.

The band has Dominic de Arambol (trumpet), Minguel (saxophone), Jolan (keyboard) and Macmillan (drums). The opening song is rendered by Samenca-Lavina, Jose- Satyawan and Menino. There are some scenes in between. There are other songs from Saby de Divar, Samenca, Jose, Humbert, Valencio, Clint and others.  Jr. Reagan pays tribute to Dr. Jack de Sequeira in his song.

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