Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Devan Ghodlolo Sonvsar

Devan Ghodlolo Sounvsar by comedian Ambe is a depiction of various illegal activities that happen in Goa and the reason why many Goans have made London a second home.

A widowed mother has two children. She is based in London and seems to be doing quite well financially.  Her daughter Ofelia is in London too but her son Zico prefers staying in Goa. He is enjoying life with the money his mother sends him. Zico is in love with Mira who is the daughter of a drunk named Quarter. There is a cop who goes around troubling young lovers. One day he arrests Zico who is the possession of drugs and receives a thrashing from the cop. Zico then decides to go to London. A politician in Goa wants to try his luck yet again and goes to London to increase his finances.  There are other characters like Rego and Peter who have their own agenda. Finally everyone ends up in London!

The tiatr highlights various problems faced by Goans. Going to London is a good thing because one can earn well and return with a lot of money. But working there is not easy.

The cast has Jessica as the widowed mother. She handles her role with great style. Ofelia emotes well as the daughter. Melinda does well as Mira the girl in love with Zico. Franky plays the role of Zico. He acts well for the most part but tends to overact and screams when depicting anger. Peter de Vasco is the lover who has his problems, Cajiton is Quarter and Ambe creates plenty of laughter as Rego. The pick is Tari, as the cop. Although he seems to be loitering about, he performs the role with great style, he is tough and funny at times.

A fine band backs the various songs. Melinda renders the opening song well and there are other songs by Ofelia, Jessica, Melinda, Cajiton, Ambe and others. Solos from Nazario Pinto, Francis de Tuem, Lawry, and Xavier Gomes stand out.

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