Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Eight Ponda driving schools have ‘unfit’ instructors, finds Lokayukta

PANAJI: In a surprise check on 18 motor driving schools in Ponda by Lokayukta team, around 45 per cent of these schools were found having instructors who are not fit for the job.

As per officials, schools like Sanat Motor Driving School, Kamakshi Motor Driving School, Modern Motor Driving School, Tina Motor Driving School, Sateri Motor Driving School, Mahalsa Motor Driving School, Sagar Motor Driving School and Royal Motor Driving School were found flouting the norms with having instructors who are either VII or VIII standard pass and not possessing certificate in motor mechanic course.

As per Rule 24(3) (viii) of the C M V Rules, 1989, those engaged as driving instructors should have minimum educational qualification of 10th standard, five years of driving experience in addition to a certificate in motor mechanic course or any other higher qualification in mechanical engineering and thorough knowledge in road traffic rules and regulations.

The team checked the prescribed criteria required for instructors to impart training and found one or two out of three instructors in the identified eight schools not fulfilling the educational and required knowledge criteria in traffic rules and regulations.

As per officials, Sanat Motor Driving School has no certified instructors in motor mechanics. While other norms flouted in the list include not displaying chart depicting a detailed view of all the components of a motor vehicle, absence of first aid kit.

The Lokayukta investigation team in November last year had found that most of these schools did not have proper classrooms for theory, others had vehicles in bad condition while most of them had instructors who were not qualified for the job.

During inspection, it was also found that Sanat Motor Driving School changed the address of the training centre without informing the licensing authority and the Ponda RTO, taking cognisance of this violation, issued a show-cause notice.

At Kamakshi Motor Driving School, one of its drivers is VII standard pass and moreover the premises does not have sufficient space for carrying out theory classes and also goods were found scattered everywhere. It also does not have provision to park vehicles used for training and traffic signs chart and chart on automatic signals and signals given by traffic controllers were also found missing.

Modern Motor Driving School and Tina Motor Driving School have employed instructors who are VIII standard pass with more than five years of driving experience but lack ability to demonstrate and explain the functions of different components, parts of vehicles, points out Lokayukta inspection.

Sateri Motor Driving School and Sagar Motor Driving School have three instructors with more than five years of driving experience but they are not SSC pass and do not even hold any certificate in motor mechanics.

Shreyas Motor Driving School in Bandora does not have motor vehicle apparatus to show while Mahalsa Motor Driving School in Mardol has no chart displayed on automatic signals and signals given by traffic controllers.

The team found three motor driving schools to be closed at the time of inspection, Saraswati Motor Driving School and Janaki Motor Driving School in Marcel and Krishnaee Motor Driving School from Tisk.

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