Sunday , 15 September 2019
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An IFFI delegate, who has come to collect his film festival card, standing in front of the festival tent near Kala Academy on Thursday morning

ESG plays spoilsport, defers cards distribution without prior notice



The organisers of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) have yet again disappointed the delegates of the mega film festival by postponing the distribution of IFFI 2018 cards, which was scheduled to commence from November 15.

The approval e-mail addressed to those, who had applied for the IFFI 2018 delegate registration, had stated that the IFFI 2018 cards would be issued from November 15 to November 28.

Ironically, the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), which is the local partner of the directorate of film festivals/ National Films Development Corporation in organising the particular film festival, did not provide any information as regards postponement in the distribution of the IFFI 2018 cards till November 14. This resulted in a number of delegates arriving at the specially erected tent near Kala Academy on Thursday morning to collect their IFFI 2018 cards, but had to go back as neither any representative of the ESG was present at the venue, nor any related notice was put up at the tent.

Subsequently, the ESG put up notices on the doors of the tent at around Thursday noon, which didn’t reveal any specific details. It stated, “Card distribution will start very soon. The details will be sent to the delegates via an email/ SMS.”

It is learnt from confidential sources that the tote bags that include IFFI catalogues, and which are given away to the IFFI delegates along with the IFFI cards are not yet ready, and, hence, the rescheduling of the IFFI 2018 cards distribution. The content for the catalogues is supplied by the directorate of film festivals, Delhi. However, it is the responsibility of the ESG to inform the delegates about any changes in schedules.

Delayed distribution of the IFFI cards has been an annual feature of this film festival since its arrival in Goa in 2004; sometimes as the cards are not ready and many-a-times as the IFFI catalogues are not delivered on time by the printers.

A delegate, who had arrived at the tent to collect his IFFI card on Thursday morning, said that the ESG could have informed about the postponement of issuance of IFFI 2018 cards via an email. “There are so many options available to them,” he added, pointing out that besides email, they could have informed on social media like Twitter or Facebook, or even through newspapers.

Another septuagenarian lady stated that the most neglected part of IFFI is delegates. “They have no respect for us and are only interested in the political dignitaries and film luminaries,” she maintained.

The film festival begins on November 20, and hardly four days are left for the curtains to open on the annual mega film event. The delay in card distribution will eventually lead to serpentine queues of delegates, which could have been easily avoided had the issuance of cards had taken place as per the schedule.

Approximately 5,500 people have applied for delegate registration, this year, while roughly 4,100 of them have made the payments.


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