Sunday , 15 September 2019
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Exposing Cancer Myths

Luke Coutinho

You probably hear a lot of conflicting information about cancer. There seem to be so many opinions about what causes it, who are at highest risk, and how one can beat it. Which are facts and which are myths? A few truths behind the common misconceptions that surround cancer may surprise you.

In my experience, it’s very rare that someone dies of cancer. The person usually dies due to other complications caused by the side effects of cancer treatment. Hence, the need for a solid and well designed nutrition plan to help support any medical treatment or procedure.

  1. Cancer is genetic so nothing can prevent it whether or not you are diagnosed. This is one of the biggest myths because experts estimate that over half of cancer diagnoses can be prevented. Less than 5 per cent of all cancers have a genetic link. A vast majority of cancers are caused by environmental toxicity.
  2. Alcohol is good for my health. While a glass of red wine has proven beneficial to heart health, alcohol causes inflammation. A state of chronic inflammation has been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Drink in moderation and keep your body alkaline. My thumb rule is to drink one glass of water between every drink; if you can add a dash of lemon, that’s even better. End a drinking session with lemon water or apple cider water.
  3. People with cancer should “rest” as much as possible. While adequate rest is definitely necessary to stay healthy, experts advise against isolation and inactivity, which can lead to increased fatigue, a weakened immune system, and depression. Patients who exercise consistently have a higher rate of survival and maintain a more positive outlook throughout their recovery.
  4. The food you eat doesn’t prevent cancer or fight it. Foods high in refined sugar, refined sodium, and unhealthy fats have been shown in countless studies to influence cellular mutation that leads to cancer. Cancer cells consume more sugar (glucose) for fuel than any other cell in your body. Conversely, eating a diet of organic foods with vitamins and nutrients that prevent cellular deterioration naturally increase your chance of preventing and beating this devastating disease (and many others).
  5. Obesity doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. With two-thirds of the United States population considered overweight or obese, this is an incredibly dangerous myth. Experts agree that hundreds of cancer cases are directly caused by carrying excess weight. One primary reason is that fat cells secrete estradiol which acts as a “fertilizer” for cancer cells.
  6. Eat more if you lose weight during Chemotherapy. Most doctors will tell you to eat more and eat what you like to aggressively put on weight that is lost during conventional treatment. What they don’t tell you is that rapid weight loss is a side effect of chemo and chemo medication and no amount of mindless or forced eating will help one put on weight. One needs to understand this and should consume a balanced but good calorie diet and should stay away from sugars and bad fat foods. The weight will increase as the effects of the medication decreases and the liver gets cleaner. Eat foods that detox the liver and weight will start increasing.

Shockingly, the major organisations that are considered the “leading authorities” on what causes cancer (and how it can be prevented), perpetuate a few myths about cancer of their own.

Despite scientific evidence to the contrary by independent labs – meaning, no one is profiting from the information – they claim there is no link between cancer and…

Cell phones and power lines


Hair dyes


Radiation treatment


Household cleansers

Processed foods

Artificial sweeteners

Soy products


Myths about cancer are dangerous and so is the medical community’s refusal to look further than “traditionally accepted” causes. As with every part of your life, being informed is your first line of defence in the prevention of any disease. Making decisions based on the facts increases your ability to prevent cancer and – if you are diagnosed – beating it.


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