Friday , 20 September 2019
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Farmers demand clarity on sugarcane factory’s future



Expressing ire over the recent statement of the Co-operation Minister Govind Gaude in the Assembly regarding uncertainty over the operation of Sanjivani Sugar Factory, the sugarcane farmers across the state have threatened to agitate if the government does not clarify its stand over the further operation of the factory in the state. A decision was taken during the farmers meeting held at Dharbandora on Saturday.

“We have decided to give an eight-day ultimatum to the government to clarify its stand over the operation of the sugar factory and also the future of the sugarcane farmers by taking farmers into confidence. If the government fails to do that, we will agitate”, sugarcane farmers association president Rajendra Dessai said, while speaking to this daily following the meeting.

Farmers supporting the operation of the sugar factory opined that with the closure of the factory there won’t be any future sugarcane cultivation in the state, while factory workers and their families will be affected due to loss of livelihood.

“The government has already assured to purchase the sugarcane cultivated by farmers this year and supply it to sugarcane factories in other states, besides providing support price to these farmers. In such situation there is no need to panic and we should not be concerned about the operation of the factory,” Uday Prabhudesai said during the meeting.

Farmers across the state have cultivated over 40,000 tonnes of sugarcane this season, while many farmers have taken long-term loans for the cultivation. But despite the same, the government has not taken farmers into confidence while taking a decision over the sugar factory.

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