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Flesh trade in Goa thrives on women from Nepal, Thailand


PANAJI : Seventy-one women  from eight countries have been rescued from flesh trade by the Goa police for the last five years, and majority of them are from Nepal and Thailand.  Since 2011, 378 victim women have been rescued, out of which 71 are foreign nationals.

The remaining are Indians from as many as 25 states.

“There have been cases of both Indians as well as foreign nationals who have been rescued twice. Two foreigners and four Indians have been rescued twice,” said Arun Pandey, director of the NGO – Anyay Rahit Zindagi.

ARZ is the nodal NGO for integrated anti-human trafficking unit of Goa police.

Pandey said that most of the foreigners have been rescued in North Goa.

“Most of them work as call girls. The deals are done by the pimps and then they are provided to customers based on their demand. They are taken to a guesthouse, hotel or flat,” Pandey said.

The vulnerable women are identified by the pimps and then in the name of employment they are trafficked to India.

The pimps get women from other countries to India on medical visas. They are brought first to Delhi. Their passports are seized and then they are trafficked to Goa for commercial sexual exploitation. They are mostly blackmailed by the pimps by not giving back their passports and not extending their visas, thus forcing them into  prostitution, Pandey claimed, adding that in some of the cases foreign nationals are also the perpetrators, and  they include both men and women.

Goa is one of the states where the number of women from other countries involved in commercial sexual exploitation is high, he said, adding   that the foreign nationals have also been rescued in Delhi from prostitution.


Pimp entrapped this divorcee from Uzbekistan

A 25-year-old divorcee from Uzbekistan came to India with her friends on tourist visa. She came to India in search of job. The woman first landed in Delhi where she had some friends.  The Uzbekistan national could not get a job in Delhi, and her visa was expiring. Her friends told her about a person  in the national capital who could help her in extending her visa. She contacted the person and gave him her passport for visa extension. She continued following up with the person regarding visa and the person kept on promising that the visa would  be extended and she should not worry. Meanwhile, she spent all the money she had. Finally,she decided to return to her country, but the person refused to return her passport,  threatening her that her visa had expired and if she did not take up  prostitution  he would  inform on her to the police. She was first sent to customers in Delhi and then the person sent her to Goa for commercial sexual activities. She was rescued by the Goa police after nearly five months of her commercial sexual exploitation in India. Later, the Goa government with the help of her embassy repatriated her to Uzbekistan.


loss in business pushed this woman into prostitution

A Turkmenistan national aged 30 years, who was separated from her husband and has a daughter from the marriage, came to India on tourist visa to do business of exporting clothes to her country. She had been told by her friends in her country that getting clothes from India and selling them in Turkmenistan could be a good business.  The woman first came to Delhi, and from there she bought clothes, starting her business. But she incurred heavy loss in her business. The woman then started exploring employment opportunities in India.  She could not find any job in Delhi and was finding it difficult to manage her expenses. She had taken a lot of loans from her friends in Delhi. One of her friends suggested her to a local person  in Delhi for job. She met the person and narrated her predicament. The person, who was a pimp, talked her into commercial sexual activities,  and  she agreed to his offer. The person seized her passport and started offering her to customers in Delhi.  Later, she was trafficked to Goa. In Goa she was rescued by the police and with the help of her embassy she was repatriated to her country.

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