Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Four officials deployed to keep check on illegal fishing

Vasco: The director of fisheries has deployed four officials to keep illegal fishing in check. The fishing ban is in force presently and will end on August 1.

The issue of illegal fishing had cropped up in Vasco with the uniform ban imposed on fishing in Goa and neighboring states.

It is learnt that the director of fisheries Vinesh Arlenkar vide an  order issued on May 27, 2019 has deployed four officials, including fisheries officer Sagar Naik, who is looking after the entire Mormugao block, while the fisheries surveyor Kishen Rama Borcar is looking after the areas of Issorcim, Cansaulim, Velsao, Bogmalo and Majorda.

The fisheries surveyor Gopal Zuvatkar has been designated to look after Baina, Bimbvel and Desterro areas, while fisheries surveyor Anil Naik is looking after Cortalim, Chicalim and Khariwada areas.

“The officials are instructed to record the registration numbers of canoes and mechanised vessels if they are found carrying illegal fishing without registration numbers and without valid fishing licence,” said Arlenkar.

He also disclosed that the officials are asked to keep a strict watch on fishing activity conducted by any canoes or by mechanised canoes in the sea by using unauthorised nets, using mechanised devices like winch etc, and any violation be reported to the deputy director of fisheries and superintendent of fisheries at offshore, general branch, enforcement and aquaculture section.

Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida had raised the issue of illegal fishing activity off Vasco and Mormugao coast and had demanded shifting of coastal police station to Vasco from Cortalim to keep strict surveillance on illegal fishing.

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