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Goa dances Viva Sao Joao!

“Sao Joao, Sao Joao ghunvtat mure, vaat dishti poddona, Osli feastam vorsak kiteak don pauvti yenna? Every Goan waits for this Fest. The real fun is when it’s raining. And you are jumping in the well, wearing Kopel on your head. And in many places, it rained. And people enjoyed. Children, elders and even old people. We also wish you, Viva Sao Joao.

Sao Joao is a celebration of the feast of St John the Baptist. The Saint is a cousin of Jesus Christ. When he was in his mother’s womb, Mother Mary visited his mother Elizabeth. Saint John is said to have leaped inside his mother’s womb with joy. The leaping into the water symbolizes Sao Joao’s joy. It’s just not drinking liquor and jumping in the wells. It has religious significance.

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