Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Goa goes to Paris

Danuska da Gama | NT BUZZ

Goa will be in the limelight at the upcoming Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week that will be held from July 5 to July 9. Talented fadista Sonia Shirsat will sing as models sashay down the ramp on the opening day in Paris showcasing thirty creations of Verma D’Mello’s ethical collection ‘Luxury in Cocoon’, the theme of which is ahimsa.

Speaking to NT BUZZ from Portugal before heading to Paris, Sonia Shirsat told us that she is extremely excited. “When Verma asked me to sing for her upcoming show in Paris, I was super excited. I have worked with Verma before and it is a pleasure working with her”, she says.

Everybody was anxious to know if Sonia would agree to perform or not as there were a lot of formalities. It would be apt to say they were on the edge of their seats until they received a ‘oui’ (yes) from Paris, she tells us.

Although Sonia is not new to the city of Paris, having performed there before, her stint at the fashion show will be her first in the world of glamour. This is something she is looking forward to ecstatically.

“For this show I will be singing a song of mine in Konkani and a Portuguese Fado. The Konkani song is called Goa Tu Goa Amchem from the album Moga Mhajea by RB production. The Fado Meu Amor Meu Amor is a classic Fado from the 50s”, she says

It goes without saying that Sonia will be styled in a creation by Verma alongside models showcasing thirty designer garments.


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