Monday , 23 September 2019
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Gurudutta Bhakta retains hold of Goa Olympic Association




Gurudatta Bhakta was elected secretary of Goa Olympic Association (GOA) for the third consecutive term defeating Sandeep Heble 41-8 in the elections  held in the city on Saturday. Sandeep Heble, the only candidate to stand for two posts, could garner 18 votes and lost the election to the post of vice president too.

“The National Sports Code needs to be passed by parliament. Till that time it is not mandatory for any Association to adopt it,” stated Indian Olympic Association vice president and observer K Govindraj in a press conference after the results were declared.

“Irvin Soares is recognised by the Volleyball Federation of India,” said Gurudutta Bhakta when asked how Irwin was allowed to stand when he is not part of the GVA. “He is recognised by VFI,” added Bhakta. However, the Indian Olympic Association – the body to which GOA is affiliated- website lists the name of Chaudhary Avadesh Kumar as president- the same person who suspended Irvin from VFI and GVA.

GOA president Shripad Naik was not available for the press conference after the elections were declared.

The new Executive committee of GOA has five new faces and two of these are ladies.

The GOA in its Annual General Meeting (AGM) has decided to focus on building an Olympic Bhavan and Jayesh Naik has been appointed as chairman of a committee formed to facilitate the construction of the building.

Former journalist Ashwin Tombat has been appointed as GOA selection observer for the National Games while Sunil Moraskar has been appointed chairman of the committee constituted for ceremonial games and kits for the National Games. Rajendra Godinho has been appointed chairman of the the website and whatsapp committee. However, the other two members of all the committees announced are yet to be finalized,” disclosed Gurudatta.

Gurudutta Bhakta stated that the GOA has over Rs 25 lakhs as Fixed Deposits and the financial position of GOA is good.

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