Monday , 23 September 2019
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Head to Toro Toro for a relaxing meal

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Of course, the place looks inviting, with a funky and innovative bar that resembles a food truck and the well lit seating area in two levels that has a very beach like ambience and décor. However, the main attraction here is the food and the man behind it, chef Rohan D’Souza known as the ‘conductor of gourmet symphonies’.

After the success of Lazy Goose, Toro Toro has a plethora of items from sushi and Asian delights to seafood and Goan delicacies. My thought here is that this is the best way out, catering to a niche yet having the favourites on the menu card.

Since, cocktails are a specialty here, I was told, my friend began with a Beach Bum which is Toro Toro’s take on the gin and tonic; flavoured with strawberry and lime, I opted for Summer Sangria. The bartender Srikrishna clearly enjoys every bit of his job. He even came by to ask if we were satisfied that we were having a great time, because it was a Saturday. But, with a bad chest cold and a running nose, two drinks were a lot to ask for that night.

So when it came to choosing something to binge on, though the menu is well segmented, it was confusing. And so we started with some sushi. The Toro Toro California Rolls has crab, crunchy iceberg and avocado with tobiko and is quite popular. Somehow, with sushi, no matter how much you eat, you never really feel heavy. Playing around with the wasabi that can get fiery, the sushi vanished faster than we thought it would.

No chance I was skipping the Mediterranean prawns – a hot favourite here. Lightly tossed in stewed garlic, with fresh herbs, olive oil and wine, each prawn can be devoured with so much taste! It is simply gorgeous and simple! The flavours here are a beautiful amalgamation.

I skipped the Goan food, though I was very tempted to try out the tweaked versions of the classics. The seafood platter was glorious – from prawns and squids to a stuffed crab, though I missed mussels here, the chef made it up to us by adding more prawns. The place has some great mud crabs to offer. Choose from large, XL to XXL sized crabs that are wok tossed in sauces of your choice – recheado, butter garlic or black pepper.

The homemade sausages were a delight – the flavor of spiced meat, well fried, was of course quite different from what you normally get was definitely great. The well done grilled pepper steak was succulent and tasty prepared with peppercorn butter brandy just right.

The pizzas here are also spoken about a lot, but we were over stuffed. I would have loved to see more desserts on the menu, though I must admit too many options can get the better of you. So we shared some homemade chocolate pudding with Viennese shortbread. Every bite of this was filled with so much goodness. And the bed of crushed cornflakes on which the chocolate pudding rested was the ultimate!

It’s just not the food and drinks that make you fall in love with this place, but the overall vibe you get, the service and hospitality that made it a great weekend.

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