Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Heartfelt expressions


‘Art from the Heart’ series I, an exhibition of varied works by artists from different fields was inaugurated by Asha Desai who is senior standing counsel for Commissionerate of Customs and GST (Indirect Taxes) (CBEC).

Speaking at the inaugural, Desai said that there is no age to start creating art and the public can see an artist’s imagination through their artworks.

Taking about the artworks that were on display she said: “Most of the paintings show joy, except for one or two. Projecting God and Goddesses makes me feel that people still love God, are still into spirituality and that we have not gone into the other side of art.”

On display were 80 paintings, nine photographs and three wall hangings. Artist, educator and curator of the exhibition, Vaishali Lall said that the exhibition was titled Art from the Heart because it is about the expression of an artist’s feelings.

The exhibition aimed at bringing out talent, by featuring not only paintings but also handcrafted items. “There will be a series of these exhibitions along with pop-up markets spread over the year. This time there were more paintings, the next series will have more handcrafted items,” she added.

The exhibition was organised by Pathiks which is a group led by Lall.


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