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Hello unlimited dim sum!

The Dim Sum Delight at Wan Hao, at Goa Marriott Resort is a festival where you eat as much as you want. On till Saturday, March 17, feast on these healthy parcels from the east

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Dim sums today are in vogue. And while there are several go-to places that offer the Indo-Chinese dim sums, executive chef Dibyendu Roy’s curated festival, Dim Sum Delight at Wan Hao is being hosted for the second time.

Here, you can eat as much as you want and any type of dim sums offered on the menu for just `999 + taxes. Only available for lunch, chef Roy’s idea is to give people a healthy and light option for lunch, and allowing them to pick, choose and eat as much as their hearts crave for. “Dim sums come in various kinds, and with this festival, people don’t have to restrict themselves due to the cost and opt for just one option. They get to try out all the varieties, and order for more until they get over stuffed or its 3 p.m. and time to close for lunch,” he says.

The dim sums are served with steaming hot Tom Yum soup available in vegetarian and chicken options, and flavourful noodles or rice. There are two vegetarian options, the Jiaozi dumpling, which has assorted vegetables, chestnut and glass noodles and the exotic mushroom which has a filling of finely chopped mushrooms – shitake, wood ear, white fungus, button mushroom and pokchoy.

In the non-vegetarian option besides the chicken dumplings, you may want to try out the seafood sui mai which is a mixed seafood open faced dumpling, with some flying fish caviar on the top. The Charsui bao has some barbecued pork on the inside.

I definitely went slow with the dim sums, knowing very well I could indulge and over indulge, but then the thought of heading back to work and feeling sloppy was what dissuaded me.

Dim sums for me is a comfort food, and when the comfort food is a healthy option, you don’t wait for another festival like this, you just find the time and excuse to head to Wan Hao.

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