Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Hixeob Devacho – TIATR REVIEW JP Pereira

Olga Vaz and Anil Pednekar have released their new tiatr titled Hixeob Devacho. This is a tale of a woman’s sacrifice, one man’s irresponsibility and another man who has his priorities right.

Cedric has deserted his girlfriend Roma who is with child. She begs, at least for the sake of their child, but he just won’t care. His egoistic selfish mother wants him to marry a rich girl, Thelma. Roma even pleads with the old lady but to no avail. Fate has something else in store. Out of helplessness Roma decides to commit suicide and is saved by Cedric’s brother, Ryan. He agrees to marry Roma but is worried about how his family will treat her. He goes ahead and Roma is strong enough to bear the troubles. Watch what happens as the story progresses as she faces her problems.

This play, although released during the lent season, is your usual commercial entertainer. The story has many twists and depicts the good and bad in humans. The script deals with many problems without excessive melodrama. Good music, a nice set by Anthony de Ambajim, and a talented new comedian are an added bonus.

Roma leads the cast with a fine performance of a subdued and suffering woman. Sonia is the rich, conniving Thelma. Tiatr veteran Clara, finally, has a role that suits her personality as the overbearing mother. Cajiton plays Cedric well – good acting and facial expressions just right for a man with no scruples – watch when he sees Thelma for the first time. The versatile Anil Pednekar does full justice to the character of Ryan – soft spoken and understanding. Agnelo and Rons lend good support. The comedy embodies witty and clean humour. While Jacob and Humbert perform their acts in style, John D’Silva with Joyallen, the new youngster, lend great support. There is plenty to laugh about!

The musicians were Vitorino (trumpet), Nazareth (saxophone), Rohan(keyboard), Risban (bass) and ace drummer Jack. Rohan’s background music during the main act is just right. Most of the songs showcase a political theme – but was it necessary for so many, to mock one politician who is very sick? Olga Vaz, Roma, Tony de Ribandar, Anil, Benny and Rons render the songs. The performance that stands out is the comic solo from newcomer Joyallen, who rocks! The youngster has talent and is most welcome to the Konkani stage.


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