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Improper Traffic Signals

Shruti Kelkar, Panaji

TRAFFIC signals are a great relief to pedestrians and motorists alike at busy intersections. However, it is of no use if the traffic light colours are just green and red without the flashing of amber (orange) light that has to be in sequence of red to amber to green. The commuters who follow traffic rules are the victims rather. Being a daily commuter, I face this problem and confusion on the Santacruz Kalapur  junction on stretch of the Margao-Panaji NH17highway, courtesy the traffic signals that flash only two colours-the red and the green. This is particularly the case of the signals at the Niyaz eatery junction. Many a times it has happened that I have to slam the brakes upon seeing the traffic light suddenly go from green to red without the warning amber light. Like me, a lot of other motorists also find themselves in such a situation at these two spots. The fear is that such abrupt working of the traffic lights could lead to mishaps with tailgating vehicle crashing into the one in front of it. So much that today a car literary stopped in the middle because there was no time to pass between green to red. Owing to functioning of the traffic signals in such manner, I take caution to slow down at the road coming from Merces to Kalapur  junction  passing through Margao-Panaji  highway  and likewise  while going to Merces from Santacurz even when the lights are green. It would be in the interest of the motorists that the traffic and road safety authorities ensure that these traffic signals have countdown timer fitted and all the three colours  used for controlling traffic flow at the crossings. The government started Traffic Sentinel App and speed limiters  to improve road safety. But  these efforts have gone in vain;  have not helped  in improving road safety. The drivers do not follow any laws and regulations of the traffic. There is no road safety policy in Goa. Just like in most parts of the world, unfortunately, in Goa road safety by default is meant to make roads safer for cars, not for commuters. A strong impetus should be there for the  safety of people on the road.  Interestingly, the Central government had set up the Sunder Committee based on whose recommendation, the Union Cabinet on March 15, 2010 approved National Road Safety Policy. Goa does not feature on this website list.


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