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Fundacao Oriente is organising a session on ‘New perspectives on heritage conservation from Goa’ on July 11, 6 p.m. at their premises in Panaji.

The event will include three presentations which cover academic work as well as projects in progress, with the aim of discussing several dimensions to heritage preservation: from the theoretic to the often neglected social and cultural dimensions; its relationship to other fields of knowledge, and the possibilities new technologies open in this field. Ayaz Basrai will discuss ‘Heritage Next: A Future looking at its Past’, a presentation of new work around the general idea of how one can create a broader spectrum of engaging with heritage, and how efforts in the field could benefit from reframing some of these age-old questions.

Basrai graduated in Industrial Design, specialising in Product Design, from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2003. In 2006, he co-founded The Busride as an independent design studio specialising in the design and creation of built environments – from hospitality and entertainment, to film, exhibitions, and installations, institutional and architectural. More recently, Ayaz heads the studio’s research arm, The Busride Lab based in Goa, which works with heritage conservation and future research, at the intersection of technology, design, and art.

Andrea D’Silva and Satyajit Kambli, both recent graduates from the Goa College of Architecture, will present their graduation final projects giving an insight on what the future generations regard as their role in the preservation of our common heritage in the ephemeral digital age.

D’Silva’s personal interest in the history, growth, and influence of major colonial cities in India led her to write a dissertation on the architecture of diasporic communities of Kolkata during the colonial period, under the title ‘Re-defining the Urban Commons, A Mixed-Use Riverfront Development Project in Kolkata’.  Kambli’s keen interest in innovation, technology and digital documentation of built heritage led him to take up the topic ‘Interpretation Centre for Old Goa’ as his thesis.

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