Monday , 23 September 2019
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India can’t suffer terror till eternity, says PM

GHAZIABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday sent across a strong message to terrorist forces targeting India, saying the country cannot keep suffering forever and that his government has taken some “strong decisions” against such elements.

“For many decades, the country and numerous families have suffered the wounds and pain given by terrorism, Naxalism and insurgency. What happened in Pulwama and Uri was heartbreaking.

“We cannot bear this pain till eternity. Enough is enough,” the Prime Minister said while addressing CISF personnel at its base here.

The paramilitary force on Sunday is celebrating the 50th year of its raising.

This is the first time Modi attended the event of any of the five central armed police forces since he took charge in 2014.

Raised in 1969, the Central Industrial Security Force has about 1.56 lakh personnel in its ranks at present.

Modi said that following dastardly acts of terrorist violence, his government has taken some strong decisions, in an apparent reference to the IAF strike on terror camps after the Pulwama attack.

“Someone, sometime, has to take a big decision (against such terror acts)… It is my privilege that with the support of the crores of people of this country, we took some strong decisions,” Modi said with the top security officers in attendance.

He said the government has adopted “a new policy” to act against terrorism and that it was its responsibility to live up to the expectations of the families of the personnel killed in the line of duty.

“Our government is purchasing all modern gadgets required by our security forces to tackle such challenges,” Modi said, mentioning the creation of a new facility in UP’s Amethi to manufacture modern guns.

He lauded the valour and dedication of CISF men and women who protect “vital assets” of the country in the face of a “hostile neighbour which does not have the capacity to fight a war.”

“Various conspiracies hatched within the country are getting encouragement from across the border and ghastly picture of terror comes to light, in different forms,” Modi said, keeping his apparent reference on Pakistan.

Modi also hit out at the abuse of “VIP culture”, saying it was wrong on the part of such people to throw their weight around, get angry and humiliate security personnel, a major brunt of which is faced by the CISF.

“I’d say the biggest problem while carrying out your duty is people like me, VIPs.. The VIP culture at times is the biggest threat to security,” he said.

“When you frisk, some people get annoyed and even say ‘I will see you’ and you have to tell them that it is your duty which has to be done,” the Prime Minister added.

Therefore, he continued, “I would dare tell such people to be disciplined and cooperate with the security personnel in carrying out their task.”

The CISF gets a number of complaints from legislators and others categories of VIPs alleging high-handedness by their staff at various airports.

“I am myself,” Modi said, “very disciplined and I would urge the CISF to train and inform citizens about their security systems so that  appreciate hard work is put in the job by the people in uniform.”

“Position does not come in the way of disciple for me. And it is the duty of every citizen to be disciplined. If citizens don›t maintain discipline, your task gets complicated,» he said.

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