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The Goa Jazz Academy presented its Jazz Ensemble Scholarship recital at Prime Rose Bar and Restaurant, Chogm road. The intense two month level one Jazz Ensemble Programme sponsored by Guitar For Life LLC (USA) was designed to give upcoming musicians in Goa the highest quality foundation course in music theory, practice and performance as well as give each musician the ability to play with confidence in an ensemble.

 The winners of the Jazz Ensemble Scholarship were Jesherun D’Cruz (bass), Leander Pinto (bass), Satya Nunes (guitar), Daniella Rodrigues (vocals), Clifton Atonacio Sequeira (flute), Joshua Fernandes (keys), Ackley Inacio Araujo (drums)Cassiel Pinto (drums) and Leander Mascarenhas (drums).

The event was received by a full house and attended by some of the top musicians from across Goa.

The event concluded with a live performance by director of the Goa Jazz Academy, Karan Khosla (guitar) along with Darin De Game (bass) and Glen Pinto (drums).

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