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Johnny and Bushka’s musical ode to Goa

By Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ
Many Goans are coming forward to produce audio and video albums to promote our mai bhass Konkani and joining this bandwagon are Johnny B Gud and Bushka, no novices in the field of music and song, who came together over a year ago to form a two-member band.
The duo has come out with a twelve-song album titled ‘Go Goa…Sobit Goa’ from which they have chosen to release one song ‘Pausacho Dis’ as a video.
“This is our first attempt and we are confident about its success as it is a pop number infused with traditional brass band tunes. We wanted to accommodate everything about Goa and Goan ways and decided that a single song wouldn’t do justice and hence came up with the idea of an album”, says Johnny.
Bushka believes that success of ‘Pausacho Dis’ will decide whether other songs from the album will also be converted into videos. She opines that audio CDs help recover production costs while, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about video songs as they can be easily downloaded from the internet.
Pausacho Dis – A Rainy Day, was picturised at the St Estevam Island and Siridao Beach. A celebration of love the song shows a couple in the rain. Besides love songs, the album has songs based on Goan culture, lifestyle, festivals – Carnival and Sao Joao and the harvest festival as also some numbers on Goa’s scenic beauty.
The duo has been composing songs together for quite some time now and it was but natural for them to think of producing an album. Like other Goan musicians, the duo too maintains that one idea behind producing the album was to popularise Konkani music. The song and album will be a hit among NRGs says a confident Johnny. He believes that Non Resident Goans long for Goan Konkani music and hardly get the opportunity to listen to new Konkani numbers. “Pausacho Dis and other songs will give them a different taste of Konkani music. It will also be enjoyed by the younger generation who generally perceive Konkani songs to be slow and traditional. I hope that because of this album of ours many others will come forward to create a niche for themselves in Konkani music.”
Bushka, who has been singing for over fifteen years, has also acted in a Konkani film, while Johnny started off as an amateur singer before making it into a band. His talent and ability to slip into the voices of several noted English singers and his passion to sing in Konkani led him to the Middle East for a while. But he is back to his roots and is today helping youngsters of Santa Cruz to take up music as a career.

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