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KA celebrates 50 years


The inaugural programme of the golden jubilee celebration of Kala Academy (KA) was held on Monday at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir. The programme was inaugurated by Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant and presided over by Minister for Art and Culture and chairman of Kala Academy, Govind Gaude.

Speaking on the occasion, Sawant said: “Over the years, the Academy has produced many artistes and will carry on the legacy of producing artistes in the future. These artistes have maintained the standard of Kala Academy.”

He further said that Goa is the only state in India where a lot of importance is given to the arts. “The Government of Goa has given all the facilities to students who want to learn dance, drama, tabla along with teachers. We also have such classes at all the Ravindra Bhavans in Goa. Bal Bhavan too has many centres where students are taught different skills.”

Sawant added that Goa is known for tourism and that we need to cultivate the concept of cultural tourism. “Countries abroad focus on cultural tourism; we need to adopt the same in our state. We will have to decide centres to promote cultural tourism; we could have one in the north and one in the south. This will also increase tourism numbers,” he said.

Gaude said that the idea of Kala Academy was born in order to provide knowledge about drama and theatre. “At Kala Academy we have started a Bachelor of Performing Arts (theatre) programme and it is a big achievement. KA stands as a platform for artistes to showcase their talent,” he said.

“The main objective of the Academy is to produce artistes and take Goa’s name forward,” he added.

The inaugural function was followed by a presentation of the ‘Kala Tarang’, a special programme depicting the artistic journey of Kala Academy over the course of 50 years since its inception in the year 1970. The programme was conceptualised and scripted by Prakash Vazrikar and Purnanand Chari.

The next programme, ‘Purva Rang’ saw noted performance groups showcasing Goan folk arts and was co-ordinated by Ajay Naik and Pournima Kerkar.  There were also Goan traditional folk performances of ghode modni, goff, jagor, yaman, etc.

With Kala Academy celebrating 50 years, various cultural programmes and activities will be held throughout the year.

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