Monday , 23 September 2019
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Korench hanv patki kai?

A concept by Lenoy Gomendes, written and directed by Alfie Fernandes, ‘Korench hanv patki kai?’ is an authentic Lenten play with a right message. This lovingly created drama speaks about people who gossip, believe that they are doing right and end up destroying the victims.

Lucy Ferrao, known as ‘Lucyfer’, loves to gossip and meddle in other people’s affairs. She listens to other people’s problems and soon the word gets around. She is told that Martin is a divorcee, who left Mumbai with his infant daughter after his wife left him. This is true; however, to protect his daughter Keisha, Martin told her that her mother died in childbirth. Lucy wants to tell the truth to Keisha. She believes that she is doing the right thing but fails to realise the repercussions. Keisha’s husband, Nash hears the news and is upset over the lie that was told to him. He is narrow-minded and wants a divorce. So he asks his estranged mother for advice. Watch the show to know the rest: the story winds up with a wonderful climax.

The script is directed in style. Messages of love, forgiveness and the weakness of the human mind are depicted. ‘Have I really done wrong and what are the consequences?’ is the ultimate question. As it is said in the Bible, don’t remove the speck in your neighbour’s eye, when there is a plank in your own eye. With numerous references to the Holy Book, the play has some great scenes enacted with a sliding stage that is put to good use. Allwyn, Raymond, Ellis, Floriano, Agnelo with Avito have created sets that are great to look at. The impressive Biblical scenes are enacted well with fine costumes and makeup. Peterson adds good light effects. The cast has Elaine as Keisha, a role she performs with conviction. This talented actor is great to watch. Everleigh does a fine role of the mother-in-law. Aveena as ‘Lucyfer’, the gossip who spreads malice but feels she is doing right steals the show with her punch lines and great expressions.  Alfie plays the father with a class; Elvis is Nash, the husband who is easily convinced, and Mathew is superb as Mateus, the character who is involved in many issues. Diptesh, Frenzie, George, Ellis and Avito are great in the various roles they play. The tiatr has a good supporting cast as well.

The musicians were Lenoy Gomendes (keyboard), Cely Fernandes (jazz piano), Leroy Pereira (drums) and Crusandio Pires (bass). Elvis renders the opening song in style. There are good songs performed well by Cielda, Shunaina, Everleigh, Avina and others. A solo each by George and Cielda and a duet by Frenzie with Elaine requires a special mention. The pick is a sensible yet humorous number on orbituaries, by Frenzie, Everleigh and Diptesh. This is a great show. Don’t miss it.

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