Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Lakhpati silks for the saree connoisseurs

If you are going to be shopping for silks for the approaching Dussera festival then check out the Silk India Expo at Panjim Convention Center, Mala. The five-day expo that started from September 14 has great choice of traditional silk sarees from all states of India. There are tussar silks, Madhubani, Maheshwari , Banarasi silks in vivid hues to ramp up the festive mood.

About 65 stalls are on exhibition and they include butti sarees, delicate muslins from Kashmir, hand-woven sarees, Baluchari’s from West Bengal and much more. Silk prices have increased in recent years so be prepared to shell out. But it is festive season after all and there are bargains if you search.

Star attraction at the Expo is the stall run by weavers from Varanasi.  The stall has several lakhpati sarees costing above a lakh. The costliest is the Rs 2.1 lakh saree, a pink creation that is surprisingly light given the intricate embroidery running across the five yards. The saree is supposed to be an heirloom piece because it will remain as good as new in years to come. Its embroidery is in genuine silver thread and entirely hand-woven.

The aim of the Expo is to make variety of silk available to customers directly from the producers. And organizers are hoping to tap into festival purchases by Goans.

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