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Inconveniences to Ribandar People

THE traffic arrangement at Old Goa during the exposition is exceptionally good as there are no traffic snarls and those visiting the holy place do not face any difficulty because of the movement of the vehicles as was the case in the past. But then it must be said that the residents living along the route from Old Goa to Ribandar and wanting to go to Panaji or Old Goa by bus have been put to difficulty as there are no buses plying from Old Goa to Panaji and vice versa along this route since the heavy vehicles including the minibuses have been diverted along the Kadamba plateau. People living in houses located from Old Goa to Ribandar have to board the buses at Ribandar Patto in order to go to Panaji or Old Goa. To mitigate the difficulty of these residents it would be in the fitness of things to allow a limited number of minibuses to ply along this route from Old Goa to Panaji and back, since not everyone, especially the poor, possess their own vehicle and are totally dependent on the public transport system. The availability of minibuses along this route is necessary because the traffic diversion will be in place for the 44 days of the exposition.



Not a Usual Govt Office

USUALLY a common man tries to avoid visiting any government office. Mess in the office, apathy of employees and their lame excuses put off the visitor.  But my visit to a government office in Pernem disproved me.  Although I live in Mapusa I originally hail from Virnoda village in Pernem taluka. I got my ration card and election card registered there. So when I bought a car I was asked by the authorities to register it at the RTO office at Pernem. I visited the office on November 17, 2014 with all necessary documents. The person at the first counter directed me to a RTO inspector, who checked all my documents within a minute and directed me to another counter for paying fees. As I was third in a queue, I had time to observe how the office functions.  Contrary to my misconceptions about the working of a government office, I saw here that two women at the counters were handling the visitors with a smile.  The two women were guiding each customer in such a way that everyone was thanking them. From the counter itself, I could see chief of the office Ivo Rodrigues guiding   his staffers in such a polite manner that I was left with the impression that this office was one big family.   No wonder the service here came with a smile.



BCCI, IPL and Machinations

THE captain of Team India Mahendra Singh Dhoni just happens to be the captain of CSK, which is an   IPL team. Dhoni is also the vice-president of India Cements, a company owned by N Srinivasan, who just happens to be the owner of CSK and ‘former’ president of the BCCI. The Mudgal committee’s report has categorically stated that Srinavasan’s son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan,   was a team official while Srinivasan has stated under oath that his son-in-law was only a ‘sports enthusiast’. So   does the BCCI stand for ‘board of   cozy & conflicting interests’?



CIC in Need of a Makeover

IT is for the first time that the Central Information Commission has become a headless body after Rajiv Mathur retired on August 22, 2014. Media reports’ claims that decision on new CIC could not be timely taken because of absence of leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha are not correct because the RTI Act provides leader of largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha – and not a recognised LoP – as a member of three-member selection body, which is also comprised of Prime Minister and another minister. The commission in less than a year witnessed three CICs of short durations which also included their absence for availing LTC, personal leave and tours, giving fewer days of their actual working and making work at the CIC suffer a lot. Since no fresh work allocation was done during tenure of Mathur as CIC because of his short tenure, his retirement without a successor virtually resulted in increased pendency of cases at the CIC with workload on two commissioners. Since CIC is also involved in various administrative matters, work at the CIC has almost come to a standstill. The department of personnel and training should adopt a system whereby CIC may be appointed by rotation for one year from amongst serving central information commissioners according to seniority, like the system exists at the faculty of management studies, Delhi University, for appointing dean.  With heavy pendency at the Central Information Commission and ever increasing popularity of the RTI Act, the commission should always work with full sanctioned strength of 11 commissioners including CIC. New central information commissioners should be appointed much in advance of retirement of any commissioner, as in the case of appointment of election commissioners. Rather Chief Justices of Supreme Court and High Courts should also be appointed by rotation amongst judges for one year by seniority to avoid cases like tenure of Chief Justice of India varying from very short duration of 17 days to extra long duration of 2696 days!


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