Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Curbing Corruption

Today almost every government department in our country is affected by the widespread practice of corruption by people, who are at the helm of power. However, there are many reasons behind this galloping corruption. Thirst for power, pelf, wealth and money is the root cause of corruption. Greed, avarice and dishonesty, nepotism and favoritism also contribute to the cause of corruption. Corruption has a far-reaching negative effect on the socio-economic growth of a nation and baffles the various development programmes. By practising corruption, the corrupt are growing richer and richer and the poor are becoming poorer and poorer. The widespread practice of corruption should not be allowed to go uncontrolled. Corruption should be checked, controlled and prevented at any cost so that the country gets rid of this national malady and sees a ray of hope for development. Also, the corrupt must be punished. Their wealth and money can be confiscated and they may be meted out lifelong rigorous imprisonment. The mass media, papers, magazines, journals and above all the consciousness of the enlightened people can play a vital role in curbing corruption.


Soaring Prices Of Lime

Lime soda or ‘nimbu soda’ happens to be a favourite drink during the hot summer season. There is a lot demand for this refreshing drink, especially at kiosks preparing lime soda at market placaes and bus stands. However, the price of lime has skyrocketed in the past few days. When medium-sized lime was sold in the market at Rs 20 for five limes last week, at several places now only three limes are available for Rs 20. However, despite the high price of lime it must be said that the price of a glass of lime soda has not gone up and is available at many places at Rs 20 per glass. It is understood that Goa depends on other states for its supply of lime, especially from Bijapur district of Karnataka. It is pertinent to note that now since there is a ban on mining in the state, agriculture and horticulture is being seen as an alternative source of revenue for the affected people. The government needs to boost agriculture and horticulture in the state in a big way so that more people take them up as a profession. This will also ensure a regular supply of vegetable at nominal price for the citizens of the state as now the price of vegetable depends on its supply from other states.



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