Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Farmers’ Insensitive Way Of  Protest

Farmers in several states, including Madhya Pradesh are on a 10-day strike from June 1 demanding remunerative prices for their produce as also loan waiver.There is nothing wrong in protesting against the government policies, but what is deplorable is the mode of protests these farmers are adopting. A group of farmers reportedly dumped large quantity of milk and vegetables in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district as the agitation entered the fifth day. Incidentally farmers in various parts of the country resort to this insensitive way of protest. When millions of children in the country are starving and cannot get even a glass of milk and proper food in a day, this kind of protests shows how irresponsibly these farmers are behaving. The big question that also arises is if the farmers are demanding remunerative prices for their produce and loan waiver, then how can they afford to destroy such large quantity of their produce? Instead of dumping the food produce on the road it would be in the fitness of things for these farmers to protest by distributing the milk and vegetable to the orphanages and old-age homes free of cost. Such a mode of protest could even ensure support to the agitating farmers from the society at large.



Archbishop’s  Message for Peace

It is hoped that the recent pastoral letter of Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao is not blown out of proportion by the media  and TV channels to make a mountain of a molehill of an innocuous matter, as was in the case of the pastoral letter of Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi. The timing of the letter is of little consequence, (as explained by the Archbishop’s secretary), since it is a  routine  Archdiocesan practice, in the month of June and has no bearing on the upcoming general elections.  Moreover, as shepherd of the Catholic church , Archbisshops have a moral responsibility and obligation to express concern and reach out to their flock, especially in times when the country is witnessing unprecedented disregard for secular values enshrined in our Constitution and the deterioration of law and order with impunity. Is there any harm therefore if the Catholic community is asked to pray for peace and the welfare of the country in such trying times?

A F Nazareth, Alto Porvorim


What BJP Can Gain From Political Alliance

The recent bypoll reversals should scare the BJP.  But the formidable combination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah is not that naive to ignore the fact that a victory has hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.  By the same token, anyone  can deal with victory,  only the mighty can bear defeat, and inarguably the mighty BJP is bound to have a turnover strategy to recoup and deliver the coup de grace.  However, one hopes the BJP’s  famous arrogance and over confidence are  now history.  By now the party should have learnt the hard lesson on how superiority complex can drive friends and allies away from it.  Even as the Opposition is busy cobbling up all possible partners together, so should be the BJP because come 2019 “coalition”, in all probability, would be the defining word for government formation. The need of the hour for the BJP is to mollycoddle estranged allies threatening to break away.

It may also have to attend to those who have deserted the NDA in quest of  secure moorings because regional parties can make up for the lost number in large States like UP.   The BJP was never known to groom state level leaders of late it has come of age in this aspect albeit  in small states.  The party should pull something out of the bag to project one honest and non-controversial leader in all states. It cannot  leave everything to the tireless  Narendra Modi—— BJP Ministers and MPs  should be asked to go to their constituencies.  The key is advertising the achievement of the government and admitting its mistakes because lying to the people can be  a bigger mistake.   In 2014, the BJP was the aggressor; now it is destined to be a determined defender.  Be humble or else be prepared to be humbled by the people of India. The ensuing months should make it clear whether the BJP is ready to chart  a new course, by veering off the beaten track, or remain static at its own peril.

Ganapathi  Bhat, Akola

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