Monday , 23 September 2019
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No Plastic-Free Goa With Plastic Garbage Bags

The government’s effort to make Goa plastic free is indeed welcome. To achieve this goal it is necessary to slowly phase out materials made of plastic since plastic is not biodegradable and remains in the environment for several decades. Proper disposal of garbage, including plastic waste, assumes significance. But ironically the garbage bags used for collecting the thrash is also made of plastic. These plastic garbage bags, are much larger than the carry-bags used in the market and obviously contribute to the plastic pollution. There should be a complete ban on the indiscriminate use of plastic and that includes the use of plastic garbage bags. One important step towards this goal would be to make available garbage bags made of environment-friendly material instead of those made of plastic. The large number of garbage bags made of plastic used in the homes and hotels could also be a significant contributing factor to the plastic pollution in the state.


Extra Charges For Extra Train Luggage

One great hindrance for a hassle-free train travel has been the monumental baggage carried by the passengers.   No frisking, except  a few cursory bag scanning in big stations, has emboldened the commuters to tow baggages  into the bogies causing unbearable hardship to co–travellers.    Quite often,  commuters who occupy a particular bogie, and have every right to place their own bags below the seats, are inconvenienced by others’  bags already kept there, and  requests to shift the belongings, are scoffed at with disdain leading to bad blood and heated arguments.   People place luggages all over obstructing movement of passengers.  The  uncountable and bulky bags often obstructed the  normal passengers while alighting  creating a panic situation for the latter.  Now, in a welcome departure, the Railways has decided to enforce its “baggage rules”.  The rule is as old as an antique; but the Railways was loathe to heap it on the customers for obvious reasons.  If luggages are more than the stipulated norm, then the passengers have to cough up more–six times the luggage fare.  Excess baggage demands extra cash which will have to be paid at the parcel office. The luggage will be loaded on to the train in the luggage van.   There will also be a maximum ceiling beyond which no luggage is allowed to be carried.  However, no passenger will be frisked at the gate; there will be random checks which puts a question mark over the effectiveness of the baggage rules.  On the spot fine, may lead to a row.  The Railway Protection  Force may need much enlightenment on ways to proceed with the abusive commuter.   Collecting baggages from the luggage van, or parcel van, at intermediate stations where the trains have brief or very brief halts can pose a problem.  Railways has to create an atmosphere of awareness among the public because  train travellers come in all hues: rich and poor, literate and illiterate.

Ganapathi  Bhat, Akola





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