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A Laggard Facilitator

THIS is with reference to the article ‘Ease of business: Goa has to do a lot’ by Binayak Datta (NT, July 21, 2018). Goa has not got envious   distinction in facilitating establishment of  a business concern, which could be due to the paucity of land.  The state government adopted a law and notified it in January 2018, reducing the extent of the open area at industrial estates from 15 per cent to 7.50 per cent. This new law has opened new windows for setting up businesses. However, politics and red-tapism, especially at     the Goa Industrial Development Corporation, are coming in the way of implementing the new law. Consequently much headway has not been made in acquiring the land and converting it into industrial plots.


Of Fishy Business And Doctored Results

THE recent detection of the presence of formalin in the fish imported in Goa from other states has triggered a public outcry. We do not know since when Goa has imported the formalin-laced fish from other states, but the issue has exposed our political leaders and government officials. The formalin episode shows where our leaders  stand on the debate:  how they support the fish mafia and how they try to negate the outcome of FDA tests. This negation with terms like ‘permissible limits’ has been resorted to despite the trustworthy food safety watchdogs like  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India  and Central Institute of Fisheries Technology warning us that only ice can be used to preserve fish.  I must assert here that last year I had suspected,  and brought to the notice of newspaper readers, that something was fishy about the fishing business in Goa.  The freshwater fish varieties had been suspect that time, and the local fish  were  sold  at Ponda, Margao, Vasco,   Banastarim and other places. But no action was taken then. In September 2017, newspapers had reported  about the  Fisheries Minister ordering  the FDA to conduct tests on the fish sold in Goan markets. The tests were  conducted and the fish was declared free from chemicals. Factoring in the FDA blowing  hot and cold now over the test results,  cannot there be a possibility  that even in 2017   the tests results could have been doctored?



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