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No Room For Junk Food

THE University Grants Commission has directed all universities and higher education institutions to ban sale of junk food on campuses. This is a step in the right direction that has been taken to prevent lifestyle diseases, obesity. The step will help set new standards for healthy food making the students live better lives. Junk foods are processed foods with negligible nutrient value and often high in salt, sugar and fat. It is very common for fast food stalls to come up near educational institution which students patronize during the break. In Goa one sees several vendors on bicycles outside schools selling eatables, sweets and ice cream. Students are easily attracted towards junk food and roadside vendors. It seems necessary to create awareness among the younger generation of the dangers of consuming junk food as well as eatables from roadside vendors.


Rebuilding Devastated Kerala

‘GOD’S Own Country’ is in dire need of aid to rebuild the lives and homes of its people. And who better than God Himself to come to the aid of his suffering people in Kerala? Kerala is blessed with a large number of temples flush with donations from devotees, including the richest temple in the world’ worth $21 billion. A contribution of just one per cent will amount to Rs 1,200 crore. In times of national disasters, religious leaders exhort their followers to contribute generously. And the people respond wholeheartedly. But in addition, I believe   that during such times every temple, mosque, church, gurudwara etc should also contribute – at least one per cent from their accumulated funds. If they do, Kerala can truly be called God’s Own Country.


Needless Quibbling Of GSM

THE people of Vasco should appreciate and support the initiative taken by their MLA Carlos Almeida and the Mormugao municipal council to celebrate the centenary of the naming of the city after Vasco Da Gama. This proposal should also be buoyed up by the Goa Heritage Action Group. However, the Goa Suraksha Manch has been opposed to the celebrations and demanded that Vasco should be renamed as Murgao. GSM leaders must know that Vasco da Gama was a great explorer, and enjoys a prominent position in history. He was the man who led the first expedition that connected the western world with the east, aiming at establishing trade relations by sea route with India. The GSM has no relevant issues to fight for; its opposition to any issue is not in the interest of Goa.



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