Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Merces Troubled By Stray Animals

THE menace of stray animals has attained dangerous proportions in Merces with stray dogs and cows taking over almost every street. They inconvenience commuters and even cause accidents. In the night while people are asleep, these stray animals take over the roads. The howling and barking of dogs disturb sleep of many. In areas which are devoid of streetlight especially roads near fields, buffaloes are found to be crossing the road their dark color makes them extremely difficult to spot during the night and almost invisible on roads without streetlights. To avoid such mishaps, preventive measures should be taken to control these animals. The survival of these strays depends mainly on garbage dumped around. This forms an ideal breeding ground for these animals. Taking care of garbage and sterilising dogs seems to be the only solution to the problem.



Life Is Most Precious Gift

IS suicide an answer to all the problems? According to Bastora-based NGO COOJ, suicide rates in Goa are higher than the national figures, the national rates are 11.7 per lakh population and in Goa it is 15.8 per lakh population. We are faced with problems either created by us or sometimes by fate. But there are solutions to these with us or we can get them from experts in particular areas. Given that we are in an era of specialisation, we have great stalwarts dealing with particular areas of expertise. If not provide us with a solution they can definitely leave us with a better option than suicide. Suicide is not answer rather it is the beginning of all problems. Many occasions of our life drop our spirits but they are just passing events. Gain experience from them and make yourself worthwhile. Life is a gift and we ought to nurture it with values. Doing purposeful activities may give meaning to our lives, so it is best to engage in soulful activities. Learn to appreciate life no matter what happens. Get talking with your closest friend, or to any stranger who would be more than happy to listen to you. Suicide is not a remedy, it is a termination of a beautiful gift of life.



Injustice To Dalits

THE ruling of the Supreme Court of India to stop SC/ ST members from getting the benefits of reservation in educational institutions as well as in government jobs if they migrate to another state can put Dalits in trouble and make things more complicated for them. Moreover, it needs to be reviewed whether the ruling is in tune with our Constitution as Article 19 (1) (d) ensures our right to move freely throughout the territory of India and Article 19 (1) (e) gives us the right to reside and settle in any part of India.

SUJIT DE, Kolkata


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